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How to Download Movies Using uTorrent in 2021



How to Download Movies Using uTorrent

Undoubtedly, uTorrent is the best tool to download torrent files. It lets you download all type of torrent media files including movies, TV shows, songs, apps, games and more. It comes with various features like bandwidth prioritization, RSS auto-downloading, scheduling, Mainline DHT and more. It works on p2p file sharing technology to download the torrent files. You cannot download any file directly from Torrent. You need to download the torrent file which contains the different parts of a video, audio or any other file. Watch the space below for detailed instruction on how to download movies using uTorrent.

DISCLAIMER: TECHFOLLOWS do not support sharing, uploading and downloading any copyrighted material. Even though P2P sharing technology is completely legal, it is illegal to trade the copyright files through P2P. Uploading or downloading copyrighted files will put you at risk of a civil lawsuit. We aren’t responsible for the issues that occurred while accessing the torrent sites. The article is entirely for educational purpose only.

Steps to Download Movies Using uTorrent

#1: Open your web browser and visit the official website of uTorrent.

#2: On the home page, you will have two options: uTorrent Web and uTorrent Classic.

#3: Scroll down to select Download uTorrent Classic.

Download uTorrent
Download uTorrent

#4: Select the uTorrent version that you want to download.

Select the uTorrent version
Select the uTorrent version

#5: Once downloaded the uTorrent.exe file, navigate to the download folder and double-click it to start the installation process.

NOTE: Android can download uTorrent from the inbuilt Google Play Store.

#6: Tap Run on the installer tab displayed on the screen.

Run the uTorrent exe file
Run the uTorrent exe file

#7: Go through the on-screen instructions carefully and install the app without any fuss.

Install uTorrent
Install uTorrent

#8: Now, open your web browser and visit any torrent website to download the torrent file. To make your job easier, we have listed out the best torrent sites available online.

#9: Here, we have used the YTS website to download the torrent file for movies. You can use any other websites which is convenient for you.

Download Torrent File
Download Torrent File

#10: Once you downloaded the torrent file, navigate to the download folder and double-click the torrent file that you downloaded.

#11: The file will direct you to the uTorrent app. Select the destination folder and click OK.

#12: That’s it. The movie started to download on your device.

Download Movies Using uTorrent
Download Movies Using uTorrent

Download VPN for Safe Torrenting

Your online activities and real IP location are fully visible to Government agencies, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), and hackers. While downloading/streaming copyrighted materials, your personal details will be exposed easily to above-mentioned people. You can avoid this issue with the help of a VPN service. After experimenting with so many VPNs, we strongly recommend you to download and install NordVPN on your device. It also helps you access the torrents that are geo-restricted in your location. Sign-up for NordVPN and access the internet without worrying about any privacy issues.

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Final Thoughts

You can easily download movies through Torrent with the help of this article. You must keep an eye on your privacy while accessing the copyrighted materials. The main advantage of using torrents is that the file you want can be downloaded from different locations at the same time, boosting things up dramatically.

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