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How to Change DoorDash Password



CHange DoorDash Password

DoorDash is a popular on-demand food delivery service and it is currently available in the US, Canada, and Australia. It easily lets the users order foods and drinks in nearby restaurants. The password of your DoorDash account is susceptible to security beaches. So if you’ve any reason and doubt that your DoorDash account is not safe, then changing the DoorDash password immediately is the fastest way to secure your account. You are really keen to know about how to change the DoorDash password, then go through the app or website and update your DoorDash password without any further delay.

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Change DoorDash Password Using Web Browser

1. Go to the DoorDash Website and sign-in to your account.

2. On this page, click the menu icon (i.e., the three horizontal lines) on the top-left corner.

Click Menu

2. Click the Account option in the left-side panel.

how to change doordash password

3. Select the Change password option.

Click change password

4. Enter your old password and the new one that you want to change.

5. Finally, click-on Change my password to finish the password update process.

Change DoorDash Password Using Smartphone App

1. Open DoorDash mobile app on your Smartphone.

2. Click the profile icon.

how to change doordash password

3. Choose Account in the left side menu panel.

4. Tap-on Profile.

click Profile

5. Then choose Change password.

Choose change password

6. On this screen, you’ll be required to enter your old password and the new one.

7. Lastly, hit Change my password to confirm the action.

Changing your DoorDash password frequently might seem like a daunting task. But it is actually the first line of defense against all kinds of security breaches and ensures your online safety. So think about your online security and change your DoorDash password every 90 days. You can also reset the DoorDash Password in case you have forgotten the password.


Do you need to change the DoorDash password every 90 days?

Each update of DoorDash service comes with the latest security policies. So changing your DoorDash password every 90 days is a good thing. By doing so, you could minimize the chances of someone else logging into your DoorDash account.

Why do we need to change the DoorDash password?

The benefits of changing your DoorDash password can’t be underestimated. It could prevent constant access of unauthorized users in case your account gets hacked. It could prevent the use of saved passwords.

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