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How to Change the Telegram Password in App



Change Telegram password

This article will guide you through the steps to change your Telegram password. Telegram is one of the popular and free instant messaging services/apps accessible in major parts of the world. An outstanding feature that makes Telegram popular is its end-to-end encryption while using the secret chat mode. The secret chat mode has options to vanish the messages after a set period of time. The other major advantage of signing up for Telegram is that it supports file attachments up to 2 GB.

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Change Telegram password

Telegram is a multi-platform & one to one or group chatting service compatible with iOS, Android, WindowsMac, and Linux. The service is also accessible from a web browser. Though Telegram offers security and privacy, it is essential to change the password. If your Telegram password is compromised, then change it without much delay.

Steps to Change the Telegram Password

[1] Open the Telegram app on your device or from the browser.

[2] Enter your existing passcode of Telegram.

[3] Click on the three-line icon from the top-left corner.

[4] Select Settings from the list of options.

Go to Telegram Settings to change password

[5] Choose Privacy and Security from the Settings menu.

Choose Privacy and Settings

[6] Under the Security section, select Passcode Lock.

Select Passcode lock to change Telegram password

[7] On the next screen, tap the Change Passcode option.

[8] To change the password, you need to enter your existing passcode along with the new passcode.

[9] Re-type your new passcode again.

[10] That’s it. Your steps to change the Telegram password ends here.

Enable Two-Step Verification

One can enable the two-step verification method to enhance the security of their Telegram account.

[1] Open the Telegram app and enter your passcode.

[2] Tap the three-line icon from the top-left corner.

[3] Click on Settings and choose the Privacy and Security option.

Enable Two-step verification

[4] Next, select Two-Step Verification.

[5] Now, you will need to set a password. Therefore, tap the Set Password option.

Set password for Telegram

[6] Enter the password and hit Continue.

[7] The final step is to enter your Password hint and a recovery email.

[8] From now, you need to verify the code sent from Telegram to enter into your Telegram account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Can I change my Telegram password?

Users can change their Telegram password to improve their security. Go to Settings and choose the Change Passcode option under the Privacy and Settings menu.

[2] Can I reset the Telegram password?

The only way to change your Telegram passcode is by
** Uninstall the Telegram app.
** Reinstall it.
** Go through the on-screen instructions to set the new password.

[3] Is Telegram safe and free to use?

Yes, Telegram offers end-to-end encryption, and the service is free of cost. To strengthen its security, one may set a password and two-step verification.

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