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How to Change Instagram Password on Desktop & Mobile



How to Change Instagram Password

Instagram is one of the most used media platforms around the Globe. Instagram allows you to connect with your friends. Sign up for Instagram and communicate with your friends through chats, voice calls, and video calls. Most people choose a common password for their social accounts, which is prone to hacking. Hence, choosing a prominent and secured password for each account is very important. It’s safer to change the Instagram password frequently to stay away from the account being hacked or misused.

Steps to Change Instagram Password on Mobile [Android & iOS]

[1] Open the Instagram app on your device. If you haven’t installed it yet, get it from the Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS devices.

[2] Make sure if you have switched to the right account.

[3] Click your Profile icon in the bottom right corner.

[4] Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner.

[5] Navigate to Settings > Security.

Settings of Instagram account

[6] Choose the Password option.

Password in security option

[7] Enter your current and new Instagram password in the required fields.

Old and new Instagram password

[8] Click Save.

[9] Your Instagram profile will be updated with the new password.

Note – Do you reckon you have to disconnect from Instagram? Delete your Instagram account and stop using the application.

Steps to Change Instagram password on PC

[1] Visit the Instagram site on your desktop.

[2] Click your Instagram Profile icon in the top right corner and open the Settings menu.

[3] Choose the Change Password menu in the left-side menu panel.

Old Passwords verification changing new one.

[4] Fill in your Current and new password.

[5] Click Change Password.

[6] That’s it. Your password changed applies immediately.


[1] How to change the Instagram password without an old password?

You can’t change your Instagram password without the old one. However, you reset your Instagram password by visiting this Instagram support page.

[2] Are Instagram passwords case sensitive?

Yes, Instagram passwords are case sensitive, which means you have to be very careful while using upper case and lower case letters.

[3] How long your Instagram password can be?

Usually, passwords are limited to 10-12 characters. But, Instagram allows you to use 40 characters.

[4] Does Instagram send you an email when someone logs into your account?

No, you will not be notified if someone logged in to your Instagram account unless you have turned on the two-factor authentication. It’s better to keep the two-factor authentication turned on to stay away from cyber threats.

[5] How many times can you try to change the Instagram password?

Instagram allows you to try changing the password up to ten times, after which you will be disabled. You will be able to try only after an hour.

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