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How to Change Lyft Password



Change Lyft password

Are you looking for ways to change your Lyft account password? There is no choice to change the password in the Lyft app. Instead, the app operates using the phone number for login every time.

How to change Lyft password

Lyft is a ride-sharing company launched in 2012. The services of Lyft extended to vehicle & bike hire, rental cars, and food delivery. It is available only in the US and Canada. It is popular because of its low fares and interactive features.

Sign In to Lyft

To sign in to the Lyft app, you need the registered phone number. Whenever you want to log in, you will get a verification code on the registered phone number, which has to be verified on the app.

Sign in to Lyft app

How to Change Phone Number Linked With Lyft Account

When you do not have the registered phone number or if you have changed the phone number, you must update the new number immediately. By not doing so, anyone with your old phone number can enjoy riding with your account, for which you will be spending from your pocket.

[1] Open the Lyft app. Click on Get Started.

[2] Click on the Find my account link under the field where you have to enter the phone number.

[3] On the next screen, enter your registered Email address to get a Verification email.

[4] Open the email from Lyft and click the Recovery button on the email.

[5] Immediately, you will be taken to the phone number update screen. Here, enter your new phone number and get the verification code.

[6] Your new phone number will be updated after verification.

Contact support to change password

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t log in to the Lyft app using the registered phone number?

If you can’t log in to the Lyft app using the phone number, it means your phone number is not being verified. In that case, text START from your registered phone number to 46080 (US) or 59381 (Canada). You will get a verification code which has to be entered on the Lyft app.

Is the Lyft app free?

Lyft app is free, and there are two kinds of apps – Lyft for riders and drivers. Anyone above the age of 18 can use the app. Drivers app allows the drivers to get a tip on the app directly. By using the riders app, one can locate the drivers in the nearest location.

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