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How to Change RCON Password in Easy Ways



How to Change RCON Password

Quick Tips

  • Change RCON Password Via Website – Log in to Control Panel → view your game → hit Configuration Files Module → launch server.cfg file → edit the rcon_password setting → save the file.
  • Via Parameters – Launch Startup Parameters → search for RCON Password column → enter new password → navigate to Console → Start Server.
  • RCON Password Rust – Log in to the game panel → stop your server → hit command line manager → tap Select → set your password → click Apply → start your server.

RCON is one of the great remote server management protocols. It permits remote connections to your server with unlimited access that can be protected by a password. With this, you can run any commands on your server after entering the password of RCON. Users often change their passwords to keep their accounts safe and secure because any weak password will permit the attackers to access the control of your server. So, if you wish to know how to change RCON password, follow the below steps.

How to Change RCON Password

1. First, log in to your Host Havoc control panel.

2. View your game service and tap the Configuration Files module.

3. Launch the server.cfg file in the text editor.

4. Further, edit the rcon_password setting, and input the new RCON password you like to use.

5. To save the changes, save the file.

6. Now, restart the server.

FYI: To disable RCON, set the rcon_password setting to empty(“”).

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Alternative Method: How to Change RCON Password

If you dont want to change the RCON password using the above method, you can use the below method as an alternative. Before starting the process, stop your server if it’s running, or else it won’t take any effect till the restart.

1. Launch Startup Parameters near the Settings and Network options.

2. Scroll down to the RCON Password field on the left side.

3. Then, type your preferred password in the new password column.

 Change RCON Password

4. Finally, run to the Console and start the Server.

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How to Change the RCON Password for Rust

If you want to change the RCON password for Rust, then follow the below steps.

1. To change the RCON password for Rust, log in to your game panel.

2. Then, make sure that you stopped the server.

3. Choose Commandline Manager from the available options.

Tap Commandline Manager

4. Now, tap Select on the right side of the command line named standard.

5. Next, set your RCON password and hit the Apply button.

6. Finally, you can restart your server and test the password.


How to find RCON password?

RCON will automatically enable a random password. You can find this password under the RCON password value of the CSGO Server Settings in File >> Config.

How to enable RCON Password in Minecraft?

To enable RCON Password, click Configuration Files and choose the Configuration Editor option near Scroll down and search for Enable RCON tick box, then tick it. Enter your desired RCON password in the password column and tap the Save option to save the changes.

How to find the RCON password in GMod?

You can find this password under the RCON Password value of Garry’s Mod Server Settings in Files >> Config.

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