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How to Delete Your Taimi Account [2 Ways]



How to Delete Taimi Account

Taimi is one of the famous dating apps, especially for LGBTQ+ users. It is also a social networking app that allows users to chat, make video and audio calls, etc. If you haven’t found the right partner on Taimi and planning to switch to some other dating services like Scruff, etc., make sure to delete your Taimi account before quitting the service. You can permanently delete your Taimi account on the official app or by contacting the support team via mail.

Things to Do Before Deleting Your Taimi Account

If you have subscribed to any Taimi plan, cancel it before deleting your account.

Cancel Taimi Subscription on Android Phone:

Launch Google Play Store → Tap the Profile icon → Click Payments and Subscriptions → Select Subscriptions → Choose Taimi → Tap Cancel Subscription → Click Cancel.

Cancel Taimi Subscription on iPhone:

Go to Settings → Tap Apple ID → Select Subscriptions → Click Taimi → Tap Cancel Subscription → Select Confirm.

How to Permanently Delete Your Taimi Account

#1. Launch the Taimi app on your Android or iOS device.

#2. Sign in to your account using the Taimi login credentials.

Taimi Sign in page

#3. Hit the Profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Tap the Profile icon

#4. Hit the Settings icon on the profile screen.

Click Settings

#5. Navigate to the Account heading and click the option Delete Account.

Select Delete account

#6. Again, select the option Delete Account.

Tap Delete Account

#7. Finally, hit the Delete button to delete your Taimi account.

Click delete to remove your Taimi account

How to Delete Your Taimi Account Via Mail

#1. Navigate to any mail app or website and open the email account that is associated with your Taimi profile.

#2. Compose a mail and type Request to Delete My Taimi Account under the Subject field.

#3. Fill in the required details of your account and ask the Taimi support team to delete your account from their database and wipe out all your data.

#4. On the To field, type the mail ID [email protected].

#5. Finally, send the mail.

The Taimi support team will respond within 3-5 business days once your account is deleted permanently.

How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Taimi Account

If you don’t wish to deactivate the account permanently, you can disable the account temporarily. By doing so, we can access it anytime without losing any data.

#1. Launch the Taimi app on your smartphone.

#2. Hit the Profile icon at the bottom right and select the Settings icon.

#3. Under Account, hit Delete Account.

#4. On the next screen, tap Pause Account.

#5. Hit the option Log out to temporarily disable your Taimi account.

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1. Is Taimi free?

Taimi is a freemium application. You can use the app for free with certain limitations. To access more features, you need to get a subscription.

2. Can I reactivate my Taimi account after disabling it?

Yes. You can reactivate your Taimi account after disabling it.

3. What happens after deleting my Taimi account?

After deleting your Taimi account, you will lose access to all the messages, matches, call history, photos, and other data associated with your Taimi account.

4. How do I hide my Taimi profile?

On the Taimi app, go to Settings → Click Taimi Protect → Turn On Switch Stealth mode.

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