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How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently



how to delete telegram accounthow to delete telegram account

Telegram user can delete their account whenever they want by using their mobile app or web browser. After deleting the Telegram account permanently, you won’t be able to retrieve or access any messages and contacts in your Telegram app. However, the channels and groups that you created will function normally. The secondary admins will take the privilege of maintaining the group or channel.

how to delete telegram account

How to Export Telegram Data

Since there is no option for temporary deactivation on Telegram, you have to back up all your data before deletion (if needed). It is possible on the desktop clients of Telegram.

#1. Launch the Telegram app on Windows or Mac.

#2. Login to your account by following the on-screen prompts.

#3. Tap the hamburger icon on the top left corner of the app.

#4. Choose Settings.

#5. Select the Advanced section.

#6. Scroll down to select Export Telegram Data.

Export the data

#7. Select the data that you want and click on the Export option.

Note: If you don’t want to use Instagram permanently, you can delete your Instagram account.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently Using Mobile App

1. Launch the Telegram app on your mobile (Android or iPhone).

2. Go to the Settings page.

  • Android – Click the hamburger icon on the top left corner and choose Settings.
  • iPhone – Choose the Settings option on the bottom right corner.

3. Select Privacy and Security.

Privacy and Security Setting

4. Scroll down to the AUTOMATICALLY DELETE MY ACCOUNT section.

5. Select the If Away For option and choose 1 Month.

how to delete telegram account

6. Now, uninstall the Telegram app to stop using it for one month.

how to delete telegram account

7. Upon completing one month, the Telegram account will be deleted permanently.

FYI: Telegram launched its premium service called Telegram Premium.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account Instantly

You can also delete your Telegram account immediately instead of waiting for one month. However, it is possible only on the web version.

1. Launch a browser and visit

2. Enter Your Phone Number in the required field and then choose Next.

enter the phone number

3. Now, you will receive a verification code on the Telegram mobile app.

note down the verification code

4. Enter the code on the Telegram website and tap on the Sign In button.

enter the verification code

6. On the next screen, click the Delete Account link.

how to delete telegram account

7. Enter Your Phone Number and enter a reason for leaving the platform. Choose the Delete My Account option.

how to delete telegram account

8. Click on the Yes, Delete My Account option to confirm your deletion.

how to delete telegram acount

Useful Links:


1) How to delete your Telegram channel or group?

You can delete a Telegram channel or group only when you’re the admin of the selected channel or group. The deletion steps vary depending on the device you own.
On iPhone:
1. Open the channel or group you want.
2. Tap on the channel or group name.
3. Click on the more option.
4. Select Delete Group or Delete Channel.
5. Confirm your deletion.
On Android:
1. Open the channel or group that you want to delete.
2. Tap on the profile picture and select the edit icon.
3. Scroll down to choose Delete Channel or Delete Group.
4. On the next screen, confirm your deletion.

2) How to delete a Telegram account without a confirmation code?

Launch the app and set the automatic deletion after 1 month to delete an account without a confirmation code. After setting up the automatic deletion, you have to stop using the application for 30 days.

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