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How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently



how to delete twitter account

Sometimes too much information may make us feel overloaded. Especially Twitter being the network of instant information, will increase the burden of our daily life. Therefore, it is good to take a break from social media regularly. For this reason, one can take a small break by logging out of the account on all their devices to log in when they are ready to use it again. However, if you wish to leave Twitter permanently, you have to delete your account.

How to delete Twitter account

Things to Consider Before Deleting Your Twitter Account

[1] To change the username and email address associated with your Twitter account, you do not have to delete your account. Users can update it from the account information anytime.

[2] If you are willing to create a new Twitter account with the existing username or email address, you should deactivate the existing account. There is no necessity to delete the existing Twitter account permanently.

[3] While deactivating your Twitter account, your profile may not be available on the network, but still, your previous mentions (with your username) will prevail.

[4] Users can restore a Twitter account after deactivating it. Logging In within 30 days of deleting a Twitter account will cancel the deletion.

[5] Twitter allows users to download data before they want to delete an account.

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently Using Browser

[1] Go to Twitter on your browser.

[2] Log in to your Twitter account if you’re logged out.

[3] Click the More option.

[4] Select Settings and Privacy.

Go to Settings & Privacy on Twitter

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[5] Go to the Account tab.

[6] Select Deactivate your Account and then choose the Deactivate option at the bottom of the page.

[7] Enter your Password and click Deactivate Account for confirmation.

Click deactivate to delete Twitter account

The only choice to permanently delete an account on Twitter is by deactivating it. Your account will delete automatically after 30 days using the steps above.

On Android and iPhone

[1] Launch the Twitter app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

[2] Log In if needed and tap the Profile icon from the top-left corner.

[3] Select Settings and Privacy.

Select Deactivate account

[4] Open Your account and scroll down to the bottom to click Deactivate your account.

[5] Again scroll down and choose Deactivate.

[6] To confirm deactivation, enter your Twitter Password and click Deactivate Account.

How to Download Twitter Data

Before deactivating your Twitter account, download your data for future reference.

[1] Open Settings and go to Your Account.

Click Download an archive of your data

[2] Under the Your Account section, choose Download an archive of your data.

[3] Twitter will send a code to the linked email address or phone number.

[4] Enter the Verification Code.

[5] Usually, it takes upto 24 hrs. You will receive a notification on the Twitter app as well as an email with the link to download the data.

[6] Click the link and follow the on-screen instruction to download the Twitter data.

Try this to Re-Use your Twitter Username or Email

#1. Visit on your PC and log in to your Twitter account.

#2. Secondly, click on the Settings and Privacy option from the profile icon.

#3. Now, choose a new username in the username field.

#4. Type in the new email address in the email address field.

#5. Make a tap on the Save Changes option from the bottom of the page.

#6. Provide your password to confirm the action.

#7. You must confirm the new email address by opening the link that Twitter sends to your new email address.

#8. With this, you can use the new username and email on a new account within 30 days of deleting your Twitter account.

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[1] Is deactivating a Twitter account is same as deleting it?

Yes. On Twitter, one can find an option to deactivate their account but not delete it immediately. Usually, the Twitter account will be deleted automatically after 30 days of deactivation. The action is reversible within 30 days.

[2] Can I use the same username and email address after deleting the Twitter account?

No. To use the same username and email address, it is suggested to make a switch before deleting the account.

[3] How to change the username or email address in your Twitter account?

Go to Settings and Privacy -> Account -> Login and Security -> Change Username or Email.

[4] How do I reactivate my Twitter account?

Just log in to your Twitter account within 30 days after deactivating it. You will receive a notification to confirm the reactivation. Confirm the notification and use your Twitter account.

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