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How to Delete a Yahoo Account Permanently



How to delete Yahoo account

Yahoo is a web service provider that offers various services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and more. By creating a Yahoo account, you can manage all the Yahoo services under one roof. If you’re looking for some other Yahoo alternatives and wish to delete your account, then this guide is for you. You can delete the Yahoo account on the Yahoo deletion page. Before deleting your Yahoo account, make sure to back up the important data.

Yahoo account

Factors to Consider Before Deleting Your Yahoo Account

  • You will lose access to all the paid services associated with the Yahoo account.
  • Your username and email address will be available for other new users (after 90 days of deletion).
  • If anyone tries to send mail to the deleted account, they will face a delivery failure issue.
  • You will not be able to access Yahoo services like Yahoo mail, Flickr account, Tumblr account, etc.
  • You will lose all data, including emails, chat history, photos in Flickr, contacts, and the data associated with that account.

How to Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account Permanently

[1] Visit the Yahoo account termination page.

[2] Sign in using the Yahoo account ID that you want to delete.

Note: You can also reset your Yahoo password if you have forgotten it.

[3] Click the option “Continue the process of deleting your account” after reading all the information.

Delete Yahoo account

[4] Complete the Verification process by entering your Yahoo account password.

[5] Now, click on Yes, delete this account.

Click Yes, delete account

[6] Tap, I understood.

Confirmation for deleting the account

[7] Your Yahoo account will now be Deleted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to delete a Yahoo account?

Yahoo takes approximately 30 days to delete your account permanently.

2. How to reactivate a deleted Yahoo account?

Go to the Yahoo websiteSign in to your account → Verify the recovery information to reactivate your Yahoo account.

3. What happens after deleting your Yahoo account?

If you have deleted your Yahoo account, you will lose all the data, and the account settings will also be erased. In addition, you will not be able to access any of Yahoo’s services after deleting the account.

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