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2 Ways to Reset Your Discord Password



How to Reset Discord Password

Discord is a chatting application popular among the gaming community. Like other popular social networks, users can add people to their contact or friends list. If you don’t remember the password to your Discord account, reset the password with your registered email address. You can reset the Discord password by selecting the Forgot your password option on the login page of the Discord app or website.

Discord Password Reset

How to Reset Password on the Discord Website

[1] Visit the Discord login page on your browser.

Login page

[2] Type the Email address you used to sign up with Discord.

[3] Tap the Forgot your password link on the login page.

Click on forgot your password?

[4] Discord will send an email with a link to change the password. Open the mail and click the reset link.

[5] On the next screen, enter a new password for your profile.

[6] Tap the Change password option to reset the password. You will receive a confirmation message through the mail.

How to Reset Password on the Discord App

[1] Launch the Discord app on your mobile [Android and iOS].

[2] Tap the Login button on the home screen.

[3] Type the email address associated with your Discord account and tap the Forgot your password link.

Select Forgot your password?

[4] Open the mail you have received and tap on the Reset Password link.

Click Reset Password

[5] Enter your new password and then select Change Password to save it.

Tap Change Password

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose a strong password for Discord?

The password must contain a mix of lowercase & uppercase letters along with special characters and numbers.

2. Why can’t I reset my Discord password?

If you have entered the wrong mail ID, you cannot change the password of your Discord account.

3. Can you recover a Discord password without an email?

Yes. By contacting the Discord support team, you can recover the Discord password without an email.

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