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How to Reset Your Pinterest Password



Reset Pinterest Password

Pinterest is the best platform that has billions of images on various topics like travel, recipes, home and style, inspiration, and much more. Password is an essential factor for any account. You will have to create a password while signing up for Pinterest. Pinterest also provides an option to reset the password anytime if you forget it. You can easily reset the password of your Pinterest account on the Password reset page.

Note: If you know the current password, navigate to Settings and change the Pinterest password.


How to Reset Your Forgotten Pinterest Password

The password reset process is the same for your mobile and desktop.

[1] Navigate to the Pinterest password reset page from a browser on your Smartphone/PC.

[2] Enter your email, name, or username to search for your account, and click the Search button.

Reset Pinterest Password

[3] Choose This is me option next to your profile to send a password reset link to the email associated with your account.

[4] Check your Inbox for the password reset email. If you don’t find any, search for it in the junk or spam folder.

[5] Click the Reset password button in the mail.

Note: If the password reset link is not working on the browser, open the Incognito window on your browser and visit the password reset page.

[6] Enter your new Pinterest password.

[7] Finally, click the option Change Password to reset the password of your Pinterest account.

Tips to Create a Strong Pinterest Password

Make sure to create the new Pinterest password with the parameters mentioned below.

  • Always choose a password that is easy to remember for you and hard to guess by others.
  • Create the Pinterest password with the numbers and symbols.
  • Avoid using the names as the password for Pinterest.
  • The Pinterest password should have at least 8 to 15 characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] How do I reset my Pinterest password without email?

If you have forgotten the email associated with your Pinterest account, you can reset the password using your Username.

[2] Why am I not receiving my password reset link?

If you haven’t received your password reset link, click resend to receive the link again and wait for a couple of minutes. Also, check your spam and junk folder for the Pinterest reset link.

[3] Can I delete my Pinterest account?

Yes. You can delete the Pinterest account in the Account Settings section of the app or website.

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