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How to Reset Venmo Account Password



How to Reset Venmo Password

Venmo is a service offered by Paypal. It is the best way to exchange money digitally, and it allows users to pay, receive or request money from anyone. Similar to other payment apps, Venmo also requires a password to access your account. It’s normal to forget our passwords at times. In such a case, you can easily reset the password of your Venmo account by selecting the option “Forgot your password?” on the sign-in page.

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Note: Do you remember the current password of Venmo? Navigate to your profile settings and change the Venmo password with ease.

Sometimes, users can face an issue when their Venmo account is frozen. However, that will not result in any login issues, and the password reset will neither be needed nor will help. It is quite easy to understand when and why venmo account is frozen – in such case, the company will send you an email outlining the causes for the blockage as well as possible solutions.

How to Reset Your Forgotten Venmo Password

[1] Navigate to the Venmo password reset page from a browser on your PC/Smartphone.

Alternatively, click the Forgot your password? link on the Venmo Sign-in page.

[2] Enter the email address or phone number associated with your Venmo account and tap Submit.

How to Reset Venmo Account Password

[3] Based on the details you have entered, refer to the steps below.


  • If you have given your mail ID, check your email inbox for the reset link.
  • Then, click on the link to reset your password.

Phone Number:

  • If you have entered your phone number, you will receive an SMS verification code.
  • Enter the code in the box displayed on the website.

[4] Create a new password for your Venmo account.

Note: Make sure to create a strong password (8-20 characters) with at least one symbol and number.

[5] Now, you can use the new password to log in to your Venmo account.

Tips to Remember Venmo Password:

  • Use a secure browser or a password manager to remember your password.
  • Be careful while using Upper case and Lower case letters.
  • Choose a base password or a phrase that is easy to remember.
  • Make use of the tip sheets, which provide you with clues when you have forgotten your password.

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[1] Can I change my Venmo password without the phone number?

Yes. You can use the mail ID linked to your Venmo account to change the password.

[2] How do I reset my Venmo account password on my iPhone?

Open the Venmo app and click the Forgot your password? link on the sign-in screen. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to reset the Venmo account password.

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