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How to Sign up for Telegram Account [App & Web]



Telegram Sign Up

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that can be accessed through a website or app. With Telegram, you can connect with more than 200,000 users in a single group chat. Also, you can share unlimited videos, photos, and files. If you haven’t created a Telegram account, this guide is for you. Like Whatsapp, you can easily sign up for a Telegram account using your phone number.

How to Create Telegram Account on Telegram App

#1. Install the Telegram app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. You can also install the Telegram app on Windows PC or Mac from the official website.

#2. Launch the Telegram app after installation.

#3. Hit the option Start Messaging.

sign up telegram account

#4. Choose your Country and enter your mobile number. Then, tap Next.

add country and phone number

#5. You will receive a verification code via SMS.

#6. Enter the verification code on the box and fill in the required details like first name, last name, and profile picture (optional). Finally, click on Next.

add details to finish sign up

#7. That’s it. You have successfully created a Telegram account.

How to Create a Telegram Account on Telegram Web

#1. Launch a browser on your PC and navigate to the website

#2. Select your Country and type the Phone Number.

Telegram Web

#3. Tap the Next button and enter the code in the box you have received on your mobile.

#4. Type your name and upload the Profile picture.

Complete the Verification Process

#5. Finally, Select Next to complete the account creation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you create a Telegram account without a phone number?

No. You cannot create a Telegram account without providing a phone number.

2) How to sign up for Telegram without a SIM card?

* First, purchase a blockchain-based anonymous number from the Fragment (
* Use the blockchain-based anonymous number and create a new Telegram account using the above steps.

3) Can you have two Telegram accounts with the same number?

You cannot create several Telegram accounts using the same phone number. But you can link and access the account using a secondary number.

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