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How to Sign Up for Uber As Rider and Driver



Uber Sign Up

Uber is a transportation company where you can book a car, bike, or scooter for travel or rent a car for personal and business needs. They offer service to nearly most of the countries worldwide. Apart from this, they provide other services like Uber Eats, Freight, Business, and more. Using this platform, you can book a ride and travel at an affordable price. Therefore, you can quickly sign up for Uber as a user if you want to take a ride at a budget price. Moreover, if you own a vehicle and looking to earn money, you can join Uber as a driver.

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Steps to Sign Up for Uber As a Rider

Before signing up as a User, download the Uber app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or App Store.

1. Launch the Uber app on your smartphone and tap Get Started.

2. You can type your mobile number or continue with the Apple, Facebook, or Google Account.

Uber Sign up

3. After entering your mobile number, click on Next. You will get a verification code.

Verification code

4. Enter the four-digit verification code and tap Next.

5. After verifying your mobile number, click on I Agree by agreeing the Uber’s Terms and Privacy Notice.

6. Type your First and Last Names and proceed.

7. Now, you will be asked for the preferred payment method to pay the amount for a ride. You can skip this process by tapping on Do This Later.

8. Add the password for your Uber account. The password must be at least 8-characters. Click Next.

You can reset your Uber password easily if you have forgotten the password.

9. Enter your Pick Up and Destination point.

selecting pick up and destination point

10. Choose the vehicle type you prefer and select the payment method such as Cash, Debit or Credit cards, Wallets, etc. Click Confirm.

11. Once again, click on Confirm Pick Up. The location will be connected to the driver. You will get the driver details and PIN that needs to be shared with the driver at the beginning of the ride.

That’s it! You can quickly sign up and book a ride on Uber.

Sign Up for Driver

Before setting up an account as a driver, there are some basic requirements needed for a driver.

The requirements differ from countries under further qualifications and regulations. Below we have explained the requirements for US-based drivers. 

  • The applicants must have entered the minimum age to drive in your city.
  • You should have a minimum of one year of licensed driving experience in the US or three years if you are under 25.
  • Must have a valid US driver’s license and qualify for the basic vehicle requirements. 

You can sign up as a driver on Uber using the website or by using the Uber Driver app.

1. Install the Uber Driver app on your smartphone from Play Store or App Store.

2. Tap on Register.

Registering uber driver account

3. Fill in the necessary fields like First & last name, email address, mobile number, password, city, and invite code. Click on Continue.

filling necessary details

4. You need to choose the option to earn money. The possibilities are Car Owner, Uber Moto, Commercial Motorbike taxi, and Partner-driver. Select the one you want and proceed.

5. Click on Account Status.

6. Select your language and click Continue.

choosing language

7. Select the check box of Legal Consent and click on I Accept/Continue.

8. You can link your Uber Driver account to WhatsApp by clicking on Continue. If you have privacy concerns, click Don’t Enable and proceed.

9. Next, you must upload the profile photo, driving license, and other documents.

10. After uploading all the required things, you will get a mail to your inbox. Also, you will get Uber’s Welcome kit within a few days.

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1. Is Uber free to sign up?

Yes. You can sign up for Uber Account without any fee. You can sign up either by using the app or the website.

2. Can we sign up for Uber with Google account?

Yes. You can sign up for Uber using your Google account. You can also sign up using Facebook and Apple.

3. Is it possible to change the Uber password?

Yes. You can change your Uber password anytime using the app or the website.

4. How to add promo codes on Uber after signing up?

In the Uber app, click on MenuWalletPromotions. Under the Promotions section, you can add the promo code for a ride.

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