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How to Save GIF from Twitter to Phone & PC



How to Save GIF from Twitter

The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) has got a significant place in the social media platforms in recent years. Its simplicity, weightage and the ability to convey the meaning or reaction easily has made people create and share a lot of GIFs. Especially GIFs are more common on Twitter than in other applications. So every time, we see a GIF we react and if you feel you could use that in future, you can easily save it to your phone (iPhone / iPad / Android) and PC. In this article, let us see the easiest way by which you can save GIF from Twitter to your Phone or PC.

A GIF is a collection of frames packed into a single file. GIF on Twitter appears the same as a video but with a GIF stamp on the bottom left. Because Twitter converts every GIF into a video to make Twitter work faster. This complicates the process of saving a GIF from Twitter to your device. Thus you need a converter and a downloader to complete the process. Follow the steps below to save GIF from Twitter.

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How to Save GIF from Twitter to Phone (Android)

To save a GIF from Twitter to Android phone, we shall use the app Tweet2Gif.

#1 Open Play Store on your Android Phone.

#2 Search for and Install the Tweet2Gif on your phone.

#3 Open Twitter on your Android phone.

#4 Tap to open a GIF on full screen.

#5 Tap the Share icon in the bottom right. From the list of apps, tap on Tweet2gif.

#6 The app opens with the full Twitter URL of the GIF.

#7 Tap Download GIF and the GIF downloads to the gallery instantly.

How to Save GIF from Twitter to Phone (iPhone / iPad)

To save a GIF from Twitter to iPhone / iPad, we shall use the app GIFwrapped.

#1 Open App Store on your iPhone.

#2 Search for and install the app GIFwrapped.

#3 Tap and open a GIF. Click the Share icon (last icon in the row).

#4 The menu expands from the bottom. In which tap the Share Tweet Via

#5 Now the control centre opens from the bottom. Tap on Copy Link.

How to Save GIF from Twitter

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#6 Now open the GIFwrapped app.

#7 In the Search tab, paste the copied Twitter link.

#8 You will see the preview of the GIF.

#9 Tap the Sharing icon on the bottom left. From the options, tap on Save to Library.

How to Save GIF from Twitter to PC

To save a GIF from Twitter to PC, we shall use the website EZgif.

#1 Go to in any browser on your PC.

#2 Search for a GIF and click to play.

#3 Right-click and click copy video address.

#4 Now go to

#5 In the paste URL field, paste the copied Twitter GIF URL.

#6 Click Upload Video (blue button).

#7 On the top you see a set of tools with which you can edit the GIF if you want. Else skip this step.

#8 Click Convert to GIF.

#9 The GIF will be processed and displayed on the screen.

#10 From the row of tools click Save (last option) to download.

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Winding Up

Saving GIFs from Twitter to Phone is no longer a hassle. Follow the steps mentioned above to easily download GIF from Twitter on any of your devices. Save them to your gallery and use them on Twitter or any other social media platform. There are many websites available to edit the GIFs further. You can customize it before you use it the next time.

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