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Ivacy VPN Review – Is it Really the Cheapest VPN?



Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy is a Singapore-based VPN service which has a relatively small number of server networks around the world. But it is a fierce competitor to all the top-tier providers in terms of price. Claims to be the World’s Cheapest VPN, Ivacy provides a secure connection by hiding your real identity and geographic location. With dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting, Ivacy VPN is highly recommended for the streaming and torrent users. The company also offers dedicated apps for popular platforms. Ivacy offers highest possible level of encryption along with kill switch and DNS leak protection. Is it really the cheapest and fastest to use? Check out our detailed review on Ivacy VPN.

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Table of Contents:

Ivacy VPN Price and Payment Methods

The premium feature of Ivacy VPN comes with three different plans of $9.95 per month, $39.96 per one year and $54 per two years. With two year plan, you can save more money as it offers VPN service at $2.25/mo. Instead of a free trial, all the premium plans offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Users can also get dedicated IP by paying $1.99 along with their regular premium plans.

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Ivacy VPN Price
Ivacy VPN Price

Ivacy VPN offers a wide range of payment options like credit/debit card, Paypal, Alipay, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Paymentwall and more. While purchasing the Ivacy VPN through Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency methods, you’re ineligible for a refund, so think twice before signing up.

Ivacy VPN Payment Methods
Ivacy VPN Payment Methods

Ivacy VPN Supported Devices

Apps: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and Routers

Browser Extensions: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Gaming Consoles and Streaming Devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and Roku.

Ivacy VPN Supported Devices
Ivacy VPN Supported Devices

Ivacy VPN Server Locations

Ivacy VPN offers mid-sized server network of 450 server locations across 55 countries. Each server hosts nearly 120-140 individual IP addresses and total of 48000+ IP addresses reduces the server congestion at peak times. Unlike TunnelBear VPN, Ivacy will provide you the choice for city-level selection across the countries like UK, US, Australia, Malaysia and Canada. The servers are well spread in continents like Europe and North America. The recent expansion of the server network introduced the serves in African and South American countries like Colombia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Panama, Ghana and much more.

Ivacy VPN Server Locations
Ivacy VPN Server Locations

Ivacy VPN Privacy & Logging

When it comes to privacy, Ivacy VPN operates with zero log policy. It doesn’t collects or records any of your personal details like IP addresses, traffic details, browsing history, connection times, and DNS requests. But Ivacy VPN collects a lesser amount of connection metadata’s to maintain the smooth software functionality. The company collects the basic details like name, Email ID and payment methods. Unlike other VPN providers, it is pleasant to see that the company offers the option to request the deletion of your personal information through the website members area.

Ivacy VPN Speed & Reliability

In our performance test, Ivacy VPN has produced outstanding results while connecting to the nearby servers. While streaming an HD video on multiple videos, it streamed the video without any buffering. However, if you want faster speed & performance across the international connections, then you have to look out for other options like NordVPN. On local connections, the upload and download speed is pretty fast. Faster local connections coupled with zero log policy makes it ideal for the torrent and Kodi users. Since the latency between the servers is very high, Ivacy is not ideal for gaming users. Overall, Ivacy is definitely fast enough on most of the local connections, but it is not impressive on the international connections.

Ivacy Streaming and Torrenting

Ivacy is one of the few VPN providers who offers dedicated servers for the streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Sky and ABC. While connecting to those dedicated servers, we accessed Netflix without any buffering issues. For BBC iPlayer, a dedicated server is available for the browser extensions. It helps you to access the BBC iPlayer service with ease, but it doesn’t provides the same level of protection as the desktop client does.

When it comes to torrenting, Ivacy also offers dedicated servers for the P2P users. The company also offers a Kodi addon, which is a big bonus of the Kodi fans. Advanced privacy features combined with minimal log policy makes it ideal for the torrent and Kodi users.

Ivacy VPN Client Setup & Ease of Use

Ivacy VPN offers dedicated clients for the platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Windows and Mac users can download the client from the official website whereas Android and iOS users can download the Ivacy app from the respective app store. The website also hosts setup guides for the devices which lacks dedicated apps including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Linux, PlayStation consoles, Kodi, Xbox consoles and Roku.

Ivacy VPN for Windows
Ivacy VPN for Windows

The main interface of the Windows client looks similar to other VPN apps and it displays a large connect button on the homepage. After connecting with the server, it will display the basic details like connection time and selected server location. The smart connect feature will connect you to the best-performing server which is closest to you. You can find the connection settings behind the cog icon which located on the left side of the app. The VPN kill switch and split tunneling make the application more versatile.

Ivacy VPN for Android
Ivacy VPN for Android

The iOS and Android clients look similar to each other and both the clients come with similar connection modes. The applications also have other features like the kill switch, split tunneling and server selection. While comparing with the desktop clients, the mobile clients come with more features.

Ivacy VPN for iOS
Ivacy VPN for iOS

Along with dedicated apps, the company also provides dedicated proxy extensions for browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The extensions are very easy to install and it will encrypt your browser traffic without revealing your IP address. Running the browser extensions along with dedicated apps provides a higher level of protection.

Ivacy VPN Customer Support

The website hosts numerous articles for troubleshooting, signup/login, installation and much more. Some of the articles look useful and some of them look outdated. Fortunately, you will have 24/7 Live Chat to solve your problems. The responses are very fast and it doesn’t take more than two minutes. Overall, we are impressed with the customer support of Ivacy VPN and the responses from 24/7 support helps you to solve the query within a few minutes.

Ivacy VPN Customer Support
Ivacy VPN Customer Support


  • Faster speed (both upload & download) on local connections
  • Dedicated servers for Netflix and P2P
  • Less expensive 2-year plan


  • In-consistent performance on international connections
  • Windows client looks clunky

Ivacy VPN Alternatives

If you aren’t satisfied with the features of Ivacy VPN, then here are some of the best alternatives for Ivacy VPN

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN service offering 2000 servers across 94 countries. The data which passes through the ExpressVPN is protected with 256-bit AES encryption along with a zero-logging policy on IP address, DNS request, and traffic. It also has DNS leap protection and automatic kill switch to secure your activities when the connection was dropped out.

NordVPN: NordVPN is another VPN service which operates a large number of server networks around the world. Features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited switching, double encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection and 5100 accessible servers across 62 countries makes it popular among the VPN users.

CyberGhost: CyberGhost is a perfect alternative for the Ivacy. While comparing with Ivacy, it offers better client software and a much larger server network (3000 servers across 60 countries). While using CyberGhost, your data’s will kept secured with 256-bit AES encryption. It also offers other common features like zero-logs, DNS leak protection, automatic kill switch and much more.

Ivacy VPN Review and Final Thoughts

Ivacy VPN is a perfect and budget VPN for the people who prioritize privacy over performance. Custom apps for all popular platforms and strong encryption make it a decent VPN. Overall, Ivacy is a capable software that optimizes your internet experience by getting rid of geo-restrictions and unwarranted surveillance.

Thank you for reading the post. For further queries and feedback about Ivacy VPN, please leave a comment below.

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