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TorGuard Review – A VPN Service for Extreme Privacy



TorGuard Review

TorGuard is a highly subscribed VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which offers server networks across 50+ countries. Despite the name, TorGuard doesn’t actually have anything to do with the TOR project. Performance is excellent on local connections but lags behind top-tier providers on international connections. It offers strong encryption and a whole host of security extras – combine this with a strict zero-logs policy, you’ve got a real contender for one of the best VPNs for privacy. It offers decent value for money too, especially given that encrypted webmail and a proxy service are available for free. To learn more about TorGuard, check out our detailed review on TorGuard VPN.


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TorGuard Price and Payment Methods

TorGuard offers 4 different services of Anonymous VPN, anonymous proxy, business VPN, and Anonymous Email service. The price for these services are tabled here

Get TorGuard VPN Now

Anonymous VPN:

1 Month$9.99USD
3 Months$19.99USD
6 Months$29.99USD
1 Year$59.99USD
2 Years$99.99USD

Get TorGuard VPN Now

Anonymous Proxy:

1 Month$5.95USD
3 Months$14.95USD
6 Months$29.95USD
1 Year$46.95USD

Get TorGuard VPN Now

Business VPN:

Starter10 User Package
10 Email Accounts
3 Dedicated IPs
Small15 User Package
15 Email Accounts
5 Dedicated IPs
Medium20 User Package
20 Email Accounts
10 Dedicated IPs
EnterpriseCustom User Package
Custom Email Accounts
All IPs
Contact Customer

Get TorGuard VPN Now

Anonymous Email Service:

1 Month$6.95USD
3 Months$15.95USD
6 Months$29.99USD
1 Year$49.95USD

The range of pricing plans looks usual and you can select the best option according to your convenient. The single month plans may look expensive, but it is reasonable while comparing with other VPN providers. You can save 50% of your money while purchasing the 12-month plans. Instead of a free trial, all the pricing plans offer 7-day money-back guarantee. When it comes to payment methods, TorGuard offers different payment options of credit/debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, CoinPayments and Paymentwall methods like Alipay, EasyPay, GiroPay, Neosurf and more.

TorGuard Price
TorGuard Price

TorGuard Supported Devices

Apps: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Router

Browser Extensions: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Gaming Consoles & Streaming Devices: NIL

TorGuard Supported Devices

TorGuard Server Locations & Privacy

TorGuard offers a reasonable amount of server networks across 52 countries. With an impressive range of IPs (3000+), the risk of server congestion is very low even at peak times. It also offers city-level choice across the countries like the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Canada and Russia.

TorGuard operates a strict zero-log policy without monitoring or logging any details. It also offers advanced privacy settings to satisfy even the most security-conscious user, with options to block DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks as well as a VPN kill switch feature. It also operates its own zero-log DNS servers. The Stealth protocol makes your job very easier to bypass the censor and to access the government-blocked media’s.

TorGuard Speed and Reliability

TorGuard offers excellent performance on the local connections and it falls down on international connections. Since the latency between the server is very high, gaming users must consider other options. On the other hand, faster speed on local connections makes it perfect for torrent and Kodi users. It offers good enough speeds on local connections for HD streaming, peaking at around 80-85Mbps. While connecting to distant locations, it dropped significantly to 4-10Mbps. If you are searching a VPN for general browsing and some streaming, TorGuard is the perfect VPN service.

TorGuard Streaming & Torrenting

With TorGuard, you can access Netflix by connecting to the US servers. Unfortunately, you must pay $5 per month for a dedicated IP to stream the BBC iPlayer. The dedicated IP address is very helpful in accessing popular streaming services without access. You can select the dedicated IP as an add-on for your VPN.

Since P2P is permitted on all servers, TorGuard is an excellent choice for the torrenters and Kodi users. The upload speeds are very fast and with an extensive suite of privacy features, your activities will be encrypted and kept secure.

TorGuard Apps and Ease of Use

TorGuard offers dedicated apps for popular platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux devices. If you don’t want to install the individual apps, you can purchase the pre-configured router from the TorGuard’s website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer apps for any gaming consoles or streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku and more.

The Windows and Mac versions of TorGuard can be downloaded directly from the website. iOS and Android users can download dedicated apps from the respective play store. Downloading and installing TorGuard is very simple. Just sign up for a TorGuard account, visit the download section and tap the relevant download button. The main interface of the applications looks cluttered. The location pickers look well-designed and you can filter the locations to select your desired server. Advanced settings are sensibly organized and it adds an extra layer of protection to the security.

TorGuard Apps

Along with providing dedicated apps for popular platforms, TorGuard offers a proxy extension for browsers like Google and Mozilla Firefox. These extensions will encrypt your browser traffic along with protecting your privacy.

TorGuard Customer Support

The customer support of TorGuard is decent enough and the website packs a lot of useful articles. The forums are very useful to solve the specific queries. You can contact the support agents through the live chat, tickets and a toll-free number (only in the US). The live chat is very helpful in solving the queries any time and anywhere. The email support was very fast and the responses are very clear to solve our queries.

TorGuard Customer Support
TorGuard Customer Support

TorGuard Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Live chat support
  • Strict Zero-logs policy
  • Several advanced privacy features
  • Faster local connections


  • No Free Trial
  • Slow performance on international connections

TorGuard Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives for TorGuard VPN

CyberGhost: CyberGhost is a Zero-logs VPN which offers excellent speed and strong privacy features. It offers dedicated servers for the quick access to Netflix and other popular streaming sites.

Check out our detailed CyberGhost VPN Review.

TunnelBear: TunnelBear is a simple and private VPN service which offers secure access to the open internet. It offers servers across important locations like US, Australia, Western Europe, North America, Mexico, Japan and more.

Check out our detailed TunnelBear VPN Review.

Private Internet Access: Private Internet Access or PIA VPN is probably the most popular and cheapest VPN service available on the market. With 3140 servers across 52 cities, PIA offers various advanced features like PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec security protocols, P2P support, and five simultaneous connection.

Check out our detailed Private Internet Access Review.

TorGuard VPN Review and Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a VPN to have a high level of privacy and to bypass the censors, TorGuard is an excellent choice. It is massively let down by its outdated apps but makes up for it with the strict zero-logs policy and other advanced privacy features. The stealth protocol means it works well in high-censorship countries like China.

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