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5 Easy-to-Use Tools to Manage Online Classes for Students



With online classes becoming a new normal, the teachers’ community has got a few issues regarding the technical side of conducting online classes: what tools to use to make the most efficient class management they can? Of course, the answer to this question depends on many factors: the devices that the teacher and students use, the affordability of the online tools for every participant, the legal issues, after all. We chose these 5 tools to manage online classes and involve the students.

Keep/ EverNote

Literally, any note-taking app will do the job if it can be shareable with other people. The students can use it to write my assignment as a draft and share it with the professor, so the latter comment on it and review the progress. The teachers can use it as a board to illustrate the examples, and it is especially useful when you use the app that can show the screen to other participants.

Manage Online Classes

Google Classroom 

This is one of the best free online tools that work in the UK and around the world that help the teachers and students get connected and see the agenda of the course, daily tasks, perform quizzes, submit assignments, write feedback and assess the student’s progress. Paired with Google Hangouts where the class can be conducted to a group via group chat, it saves a lot of hustle and additional spending for other apps. You should definitely think about who can do my assignment before every class, so you have something to submit beforehand for the review. And believe us, there are professional writers who can help you out whenever you need someone to do my assignment UK. So worry you not, you’ll have everything to impress the teacher.


Speaking of screen streaming apps, Discord is one that might be familiar to many students because they might use it for video gaming, while for the teachers, it could be a whole different experience. This is actually a great way to conduct classes especially when you need to illustrate any concept using other resources from your computer so you can enable the screen sharing button and draw in the note app or any application to show where is this or that function. A note to students: please, hide the page with my assignment help tab alongside other non-class related ones during the demonstration of your screen, nobody needs to know too much about your preferences or extra-curriculum activities.

Manage Online Classes


That’s more for the self-organization of both parties rather than for common use. Trello is a good tracker of the tasks and deadlines so the people won’t miss anything they need to do on time. The good thing is that you can attach media, links, alarms and Google calendar notifications as well as share to-do cards with other people. And yes, this is a great way for the teachers to introduce the concept of self-organization to students.


As a teacher, you know the burden of buzz in the classroom. Well, it won’t get away online as you might hear constant beeping from either your devices or your students’ devices, and it WILL get you super annoyed. To deal with the unwanted distractions from the digital world, there are the apps to block any notification, ad, or not-initiated website that can distract you or your students from listening carefully. Freedom is a great app that can be used by your class for both lessons and doing homework. This is especially helpful when the students are easily distracted by other sounds.

Last but not Least

The beauty of the above-mentioned apps is that each of them can work on any OS and be accessed on any device. This is extremely important for the users as sometimes things can happen, and they will have their smartphones only to be able to participate in the activity so make sure they are covered.

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