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How to Hide Your WhatsApp Group without Deleting or Leaving from it



hide whatsapp group

Yes, you can hide a particular group on Whatsapp without deleting it or leaving from it. It is not an official say or a setting on whatsapp but we can do it with simple steps. In general whatsapp chats are end to end encrypted which means, the conversation can be read only by the people at both the ends and not by anyone else. This doesn’t mean that your chats are safe as you may have left your phone unlocked for a while for a stranger to read your whatsapp messages. As long as it is physically available for someone and if you don’t have your phone locked no one can protect your messages.

There are many people who borrow our phones to make a call and simply scroll through our messages and gallery which may make you feel uncomfortable. And if you don’t want that person to reveal those secret chats you have on your phone to your friends or family members, things get more worse. There are a lot of ways by which one can hide your Whatsapp chats or Whatsapp groups you are a member of. There are apps on the app stores to lock your chats or groups but it if you are not comfortable letting a third party app control your Whatsapp or you are too lazy to set things up, let us see how to hide your whatsapp groups without leaving it or deleting it.

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How to Hide WhatsApp Groups

There is a feature on Whatsapp called the Archive chat option. This is used to temporarily hide your whatsapp conversation be it a chat or group. You can archive a chat to hide it from your chats screen but ONLY temporarily. Whatsapp does not have a feature to permanently hide whatsapp chats. When you archive a Whatsapp group it vanishes from your whatsapp group. How to get it back? The group pops up to the chats list on top automatically when a new message drops in. The archive chat feature is designed that way. Let us now see how to do it.

On Android

#1 Tap and hold on any Whatsapp group.

#2 Once the group is selected, tap on the Archive (box icon) on the top right.

hide whatsapp group

That is it, the group is archived.

hide whatsapp group

To Unarchive it,

#1 Search for the group using the search feature.

#2 Tap and hold the group. Tap the three dots menu on top to expand.

#3 Tap on Unarchive.

hide whatsapp group

On iPhone / iPad

#1 Long press the whatsapp group and swipe up to get the options.

#2 Tap Archive

hide whatsapp group

To Unarchive it,

#1 Tap search and type the groups name.

#2 Long press on the group and swipe up.

#3 Tap Unarchive.

hide whatsapp group

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Final Thoughts

Whatsapp has a lot of improvement needed in the features related to hiding your messages, groups or dp. However, the Whatsapp has not let them to keep the app clean and simple. But we can expect whatsapp to include this feature in the future updates. Also, you can use this simple method to hide your whatsapp groups chats temporarily. Comment below if you something to ask.

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