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How to Broadcast on Whatsapp [Step By Step Guide 2021]



How to Broadcast on Whatsapp

How to Broadcast on Whatsapp: Whatsapp is a popular messaging application where you can send and receive text, media files, documents and much more using the internet. This application allows you to send messages to more than one contact simultaneously by using group and broadcast features. The Whatsapp group chat and broadcast features are similar to CC and BCC in emails. The Broadcast feature is like BCC when you send a message it will be delivered to all the individuals in your list. Here you can add any number of people to your broadcast list.

How to Broadcast on Whatsapp
How to Broadcast on Whatsapp

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How to Broadcast on Whatsapp

To learn how to broadcast messages on Whatsapp follow the step by step tutorial which given below. The tutorial given below is applicable to both Android, iOS and other supported devices.

#1. Launch Whatsapp app on your respective device.

#2. In the main chat screen of the app, tap Menu Icon in Android devices and tap Chats icon in iOS devices.

How to Broadcast on Whatsapp
Tap Menu

#3. Select the New Broadcast option in the drop down list box. In iOS devices tap Broadcast List option.

How to Broadcast on Whatsapp
Select Broadcast Option

#4. Add the list of recipients in Broadcast list and tap the Done option.

How to Broadcast on Whatsapp
Tap New List

#5. Once the list gets created, type in the text in the Text field or attach photos, videos, location or contact which you need to share.

#6. Tap the Send button to send the message to every individual in your broadcast list.

To add the recipient or delete the entire broadcast list, long tap on the created broadcast list and open the context menu to do so.

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Final Thoughts

Broadcast feature in Whatsapp helps you to send messages to many contacts simultaneously. This feature helps you to save a lot of time. With Whatsapp Broadcast, you can create a separate broadcast list for both families and work to send important messages and files individually.

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