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How to Find & Follow WhatsApp Channels



How to Follow WhatsApp Channels

Quick Answer

  • You can find and follow your favorite WhatsApp Channels from the Updates section.
  • How to Follow: Go to Updates → Click the Find Channels option → Search for the channel → Click the + button.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature, Channels, to share quick updates and news. With this Channels feature, you can find and follow your favorite brand’s WhatsApp channels to get the latest updates.

WhatsApp Channels is similar to RSS feed, where you can follow your favorite websites and get notified whenever a new post is published. In the Updates (previously Status) tab, you can follow any number of WhatsApp Channels and get notifications when a new post is shared.

In this guide, you will learn how to find and follow WhatsApp Channels to get the latest updates.

How to Follow Channels on WhatsApp

You can follow Channels on WhatsApp using your smartphone or PC. The steps required to follow a specific channel are the same for all devices.

1. Update the WhatsApp Messenger on your smartphone or PC.

2. Now, go to the Updates section. It is the same section where you see WhatsApp Status.

Go to Updates

3. Tap the + icon on the menu.

Click the Plus icon

4. Then, click the Find Channels button.

Tap Find Channels on WhatsApp

5. You will get a list of channels. Click the Follow button (+ button) to follow the channel. You can also click the See All button on the bottom to get the full list of channels.

Follow the Channel on WhatsApp

6. When the channel is added, you will get a Tick mark instead of the + button.

Ways to Find Channels on WhatsApp

Though the Channels is a new feature, there are plenty of new Channels created on WhatsApp. There are different ways to find your favorite channel on WhatsApp.

In the Find Channels menu, you will get channel recommendations based on your country. The Green Tick mark next to the channel name indicates that the Channel is verified by WhatsApp. If you want to change the country, click the Country icon and choose your preferred country. Now, you will get Channels that are available in a specific country. You can also filter out channels by Most Active, New, and Popular using the button mentioned on top.

Find Channels on WhatsApp

You can also search for a channel using the Search icon and follow it.

Note: All the Channels notifications are muted by default. You have to unmute manually based on your preferences.

How to Unfollow Channels on WhatsApp

1. Go to the Channels menu.

2. All your Followed Channels will appear. Choose the Channel that you want to unfollow.

Choose the channel

3. Tap the Channel Name on top.

4. Click the Unfollow button to remove the channel from your WhatsApp profile. You can also click the Following icon.

Unfollow the channel on WhatsApp

5. You will see a confirmation pop-up to unfollow the channel. Tap the Unfollow button.

Click the Unfollow button

If you mistakenly followed the channel, tap the Tick button and choose the Unfollow button. If you find any offensive or illegal updates, you can report the WhatsApp Channel.

Unfollow channels on WhatsApp


1. Is there any limit to following Channels on WhatsApp?

No, you can follow any number of WhatsApp Channels without any restrcitions.

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