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How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp



How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp - image

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has come with a lot many features to protect the user’s privacy necessarily to ensure their safety while using the chat app. One such feature is the block contacts feature that helps the user block any contact that they no longer want to contacted by him/her or due to other reasons.

WhatsApp wants this to be purposefully ambiguous in order to protect your privacy while you block someone. This also applies to you and thus WhatsApp cannot tell you if you are being blocked by someone. Yet there are some methods with which you could say if you have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp. There are not block checker or hacks to finds this on Android / iPhone / desktop / WhatsApp Web. Just go through the steps below and find out by yourself.

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#1 Check the Contact’s Last Seen Status

Open WhatsApp and open the chat of the contact from the chat list. If you have previously had a chat, find the name from the contacts and start a new chat. On the top of the chat window, you will find the person’s name with the time stamp just below it. It looks like “last seen today at 18:12“. If you can see this, then you are not blocked by that person.

WhatsApp Last Seen
WhatsApp Last Seen

But if you don’t see anything, then there are chances that you may be blocked by the contact. Also, it is not confirmed because WhatsApp has the feature to hide time stamps to other people. So let us proceed for the next step to confirm this.

#2 Check the Contact’s Profile Picture / Display Picture

On the chat window, the person’s profile picture display on top to the left of the contact’s name. If you are blocked by the contact, then you will no longer see the updates on the profile picture. You will see the same contact picture when you had the last chat forever if you have been blocked by the contact.

Again this is not so convincing as the person may not have changed the display picture. A lot of people never change their profile pictures so frequently. Now move on to the next step.

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#3 Chat with the Contact

WhatsApp indicates the status of the messages you send with ticks.

  • A single grey tick means that your message has been sent to the contact.
  • Double grey ticks means that your message has been delivered to the contact.
  • If the double grey ticks turns blue, it means the person has read your message.

So send a message directly to the contact and if you see only a single tick, then you might have been blocked by the contact. This may also happen if the person’s phone cannot connect to the internet or he might have lost his/her phone.

#4 Make a WhatsApp Call

Try this simple method to clear your doubt. Make a WhastApp call to the contact. If you hear the ring, then you are not blocked. But if you cannot hear anything or if the call is not connecting, then there are lot many chances that you are blocked.

Whatsapp call
Whatsapp Call

The person might have not connected the phone to the internet or you may have been blocked. Let’s find out in the last and final step.

#5 Create a WhatsApp Group

All the above methods could happen due to a simple network error and thus we cannot conclude saying that the person has blocked you. And so let us do this to confirm it.

Create a WhatsApp Group
Create a WhatsApp Group

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Create a WhatsApp group and add a few contacts along with the suspected contact. If you can add off them easily, then you are not blocked. Or if you are displayed a message “you are not authorized to add this contact,” then it is 100% confirmed that you have been blocked by the contact.

How to Get Unblocked?

Actually, you cannot do anything to unblock yourself. The only possible way is to make a call to the person and find out the matter. WhatsApp is very sure in protecting the user’s privacy in case of blocking and unblocking.

Final Thoughts

Thus we can now confirm that all the above methods failed not because of the network issues but due to that person who has blocked you.

Thank you for reading this post. For further queries, comment below.

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