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How to Video Call on WhatsApp [iPhone / iPad / Android]



How to Video Call on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp video calling feature is one of the useful and most commonly used feature. Launched in 2016, the feature allows you to make a call to your WhatsApp contact. Later in 2018, the feature was further tailored and ability was added to make video calls up to four members via group calls. Needless to mention, like all WhatsApp communication, calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. In this guide, let us see how to video call on WhatsApp from an Android, iPhone and iPad.

Since the WhatsApp call works on your mobile data, you don’t have to worry about the call charges levied by your service provider. So people commonly use this feature to make calls when they are abroad. This is also helpful to make calls if you are in a place where you don’t have a signal on your mobile network but you have a WiFi connection. You can make clear video calls on WhatsApp unless you have a strong WiFi connection. Also, Whatsapp provides details of the data spent and length of the call on your last video call in the calls log.

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Note: Make sure your Whatsapp app on your device [Android / iOS] is up to date. Else update the app to its latest version.

Table of Contents

How to Video Call on WhatsApp – Android

On your Android, making a video call is so simple like starting a new Whatsapp conversation. Let us see how.

#1 Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.

#2 Tap on the Calls tab on top.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

#3 Tap the New Call icon on the bottom right of the screen.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

#4 From the list of contacts, select any contact and tap the video camera icon next to the name.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

For the first time, you need to grant Whatsapp to access your device’s microphone and camera.

#5 As soon as the the call gets connected, you can see your friend on screen from the other side.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

#6 To finish the conversation, tap the red call icon to end the call.

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How to Video Call on WhatsApp – iPhone / iPad

Making a video call on iPhone is similar to that in the Android. Let us see how.

#1 Open Whatsapp on iPhone / iPad.

#2 On the bottom tap the Calls tab.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

#3 On the top right, tap the ‘+’ icon to make a new call.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

#4 You will now see your Whatsapp contacts listed. Search for any contact using the search bar on top or scroll down to find the contact.

#5 Now tap the Video camera icon next to the contact to make a video call.

Immediately the call gets connected and when the person attends the call, you see the person on your screen.

How to Video Call on WhatsApp

#6 To end the call, tap the red call icon.

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Final Thoughts

By this way anyone can make video call on Whatsapp to anyone anywhere in the world. The feature remains same on all platforms and devices. The Whatsapp video call feature works only when both the devices connected are up to date and runs with the whatsapp version that supports the feature. Comment below your thoughts about the topic.

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