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How to Update Windows 10 to Windows 11



How to update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Microsoft has launched a new update of Windows 11 OS with many new & interesting updates, features. Some of the new features are installing android apps on the PC, Microsoft team updates, changes in the start menu, etc. The developers have changed the overall look of Windows which looks similar to the MAC design. Windows 11 beta version was released earlier and many people have downloaded it. With Windows 11, you can enjoy bug-free and fresh service which can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft. If you’re wondering how to do this, here are the direct and easy steps to update Windows 10 to Windows 11.

How to Update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Step 1. Turn on your Windows 10 on your computer or laptop.

Step 2. Once your PC is on, go to the Start menu and select the Settings icon.

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How to update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Step 3. Your Windows 10 settings page will open. Click on the Updates and Security option.

Step 4. The Windows update page will open. Click on Check for Updates button.

How to update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Step 5. The window will start Checking for New Updates.

Step 6. The window will show you multiple updates and you can select the update which you want to install.

Step 7. If your PC shows you an upgrade to Windows 11, select the file and click Download and Install.

Update Windows 10 to Windows 11 Through ISO File

With your personal computer or laptop, you can download Windows 11 ISO file and can install it. It will delete all the data saved in Windows 10 C drive, as it is not officially launched by Microsoft.

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Wind Up

Updating Windows 10 to Windows 11 gives you full satisfaction as it has many new and amazing features for Windows users. Windows 11 will give you space where you can pursue your passion with a fresh experience. It is a place to think, express, and create with your thoughts in a natural way. his new window is available on the widest range of array devices. Shoot your queries in the comment section.

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