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How to Delete Games on Xbox One [All Models]



Delete Games on Xbox One

Quick Answer

  • Delete Games on Xbox One: Go to My Games & Apps → Choose Games → Select the Game → Click the Uninstall option → Click Uninstall All to confirm.
  • Delete Game Data on Xbox One: Select the Game → Choose Manage Game → Tap Saved Data → Click Delete All.

The Xbox One consoles are mostly apt for cloud gaming. If you are an exception and have downloaded a lot of games, you need to uninstall or delete some games on your Xbox One console from the Microsoft Store to free up some memory.

When you install and play a game, all the data associated data with the game, like Saved Profiles, Quick Saves, and Skin Collections, will be stored on your console’s memory as a temporary file. Over a period of time, the console’s memory will be full and it will affect your console’s performance.

In this guide, you will learn how to uninstall games on your Xbox One console from the Microsoft Store and from the Xbox Live Network. In addition to that, if you uninstalled the game by mistake, we provided you the detailed steps to reinstall the game along with its data.

How to Delete Games on Xbox One

1. Start your Xbox One and press the Xbox button on your controller to navigate to the main menu.

Click the Xbox button

2. Select the My Games & Apps option from the main menu.

Open My Games & Apps

3. Then, click the Games option in the menu.

How to Delete Games on Xbox One

4. Select the game you want to delete and hit the Menu button on your Xbox One controller.

5. Tap Uninstall to delete the game from your Xbox One console.

Choose the Uninstall option

6. Again, click Uninstall All as the confirmation to delete the game. This will delete the game and all the associated files from the game.

Delete the Game on Xbox One

Does Xbox Cloud Save My Game Data

Yes, if your Xbox console is connected to the internet, all the game data will be saved on Xbox Live Network. You can restore the game data at any time you want from Xbox Live. You can use your Xbox credentials on your console or any other Xbox console to retrieve the game data. If you want to delete the saved game data, choose the game and click Manage Game and Add-ons. Open the Saved Data folder and click the Delete All button. This will permanently delete all the game data from the console.

How to Reinstall Deleted Games on Xbox One

If you have changed your mind and want the game back, you can reinstall it from the store. To do so,

1. Navigate to the Xbox One home screen.

2. Select the My Games & Apps menu and Choose Games.

3. Click the Ready to Install option.

Reinstall the deleted games on Xbox One

4. Select a Game to reinstall again on your Xbox One console.

5. After selecting the game, click the Install button to download the app on Xbox One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I uninstall a game on Xbox One?

If you can’t uninstall a game, clear the caches on Xbox One and try deleting the app again.

Do you have to buy a game again if you uninstall it on Xbox One?

No. If you have uninstalled a purchased game, you can reinstall and use it anytime without paying.

How to delete hidden games on Xbox One?

Go to the Game Library and click the All Games drop-down menu. Choose the Hidden option to get the list of hidden games. Choose the hidden game that you want to delete and click the Uninstall button.

Will deleting the profile on Xbox One delete the game data?

Yes, if you delete a profile on Xbox One, all the information along with the profile will be removed from the console.

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