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Best YouTube Alternatives (2021) | Top Video Sharing Sites



YouTube is a famous video streaming platform known by kids to adults and everyone around. It is most often used to stream trending videos, movie trailers, news, and more other entertainment contents. In addition to this, YouTube supports hosting or uploading videos of your own. You can subscribe channels, create a playlist, save videos, cast YouTube contents to the big screen, etc. It even supports social networking features like sharing videos, links, adding comments and likes, etc. There is a built-in media player within YouTube and all the media will be played from the app. Despite the advantages, YouTube is not the only best video streaming service. In such a case, it is better to look for YouTube alternatives.

Meanwhile, some of the users don’t prefer sharing their aggregated data in the form of cookies, tracking, ads, etc. In such a case, YouTube alternatives are the only way possible to host or stream the videos. The article covers the best replacement of YouTube and they are compatible with all of the major platforms like Android, iOS, PC, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV and all kind of web browsers.

Best YouTube Alternatives

We have come with the top 10 best YouTube alternatives in the section below. For any reason, if you don’t want to use YouTube, then you can opt for any apps like YouTube given below.

1. Dailymotion

YouTube Alternatives

Dailymotion is a popular video hosting service that can be used instead of YouTube. It has the same similar interface as like YouTube and gives even better user experience when compared with its rivals. You can stream videos in different categories like sports, music, fashion, etc, in HD quality.

In addition to streaming videos, you can upload your contents in the Dailymotion. It has more than 3.5 billion videos and you can follow channels, people or topics. Just like YouTube, Dailymotion supports saving videos for offline watching. Follow what you want and the more you explore, the more personalized your Dailymotion feeds will be.

  • It is a free web hosting service just like YouTube app.

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2. Vimeo


Vimeo is a YouTube alternative and you will be able to discover videos from the world’s best creators. You can streaming unlimited videos in full 1080p HD without any ads. Vimeo supports saving videos for offline access. Upload your own video from anywhere and access them instantly.

Additionally, you can follow channels, categories, and collections to stay up-to-date every day. Vimeo also supports sharing videos with anyone privately. It has a user-friendly interface and is a great platform to discover incredible videos.

  • Start a 30-day free trial or choose from four different subscription packages like Vimeo Plus ($7/month), Vimeo Pro ($20/month), Vimeo Business ($50/month), Vimeo Premium ($75/month) for endless streaming.

3. Vevo


Vevo is one of the world’s leading video hosting service like YouTube. It can be used to watch the latest music videos by top artists. Vevo connects the artists and audience together via music videos. In addition to this, any users can watch Vevo original contents.

You can use Vevo to watch videos, share it with others and interact with artists in a new way. Just like YouTube, you can follow favourite artists, create a playlist, etc. It features a user-friendly interface and searching or browsing the entire music catalogue is easier than any other apps.

  • Vevo is a subscription-free video streaming service and can be used at free of cost.

4. Metacafe

YouTube Alternatives

Metacafe is a video hosting service like YouTube that is known for short videos. With this service, you can stream videos in different categories like movies, TV shows, music, sports, video games, etc. It even covers more exclusive and original video contents than its rivals.

Just like YouTube, discovering videos are easy as Metacafe has categorized all the video under different categories. It is ad-supported and is a great platform if you are looking for the community bases contents. Above all, it has a minimalistic interface and is worth using YouTube alternative.

  • Metacafe is a free video-sharing as well as hosting service that can be accessed without any fees.

5. Veoh

YouTube Alternatives

Veoh is yet another best video hosting service like YouTube. It features a simple-to-use interface and thus discovering videos is easier than its rivals. You can watch your favourite videos for an unlimited time with Veoh app. Over time, it will give you personalized streaming experience.

Above all, the video player of Veoh app can be embedded in any websites. It is particularly useful while streaming full-length movies or videos. You can use Veoh to watch TV shows, movies, anime, and more. It has lots of social features like support for sharing videos, adding contacts, creating groups, messaging, etc.

  • Veoh is a free video distribution service and can be used at no cost.

6. 9GAG TV


9GAG TV is an entertainment app that is a go-to-place to stream short videos. It also has lots of entertainment contents like photos, memes, GIF, and more. 9GAG TV is a video sharing platform that has a vast collection of videos, movies trailers, and more. It even allows the users to upload or share your own contents or from social media sites.

  • 9GAG TV is free to use a video hosting service.

7. DTube


DTube is a decentralized service that can be used as a better alternative to YouTube. It is a privacy-focused video platform in which you can browse trending videos. Just like YouTube, you can save videos and watch it offline.

DTube is an ad-free service that maintains the records using the Streem blockchain. Apart from streaming, any DTube user can upload videos as well. With a DTube account, you will be able to give likes, share comments, etc.

  • DTube is a completely free streaming service and that doesn’t cost you anything.

8. Twitch


Twitch is a live streaming video player with a global community of users. It has included lots of videos created by its users or you can discover videos that you want. Twitch is better known by the gaming community users. They use it as a platform to live broadcast their gameplay.

In addition to this, Twitch can be used as a social network as it lets its users share their gaming tips by interacting with other players. You can even stream interactive live news videos or watch unique programs. Any user can contribute to their favourite streamers with rewards by subscribing, watching, and chatting.

  • Twitch is a subscription-based video streaming service and can be accessed at considerably low cost.

9. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a free service that has huge library of videos. It will bring all the movies, TV series, documentaries, videos and more. You can even search for the videos by language, topic, year, and subject. Apart from streaming, The Internet Archive will even let you upload the videos at free of cost.

  • The Internet Archive is a completely free service.

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10. PeerTube


PeerTube is a decentralized video sharing service and can be used instead of YouTube. It is based on the peer-to-peer software and supports hosting videos. PeerTube is an ad-free service and features a simple user-friendly interface. Explore videos under different categories for free without any geo-restrictions. It uses web torrenting technology and you can easily browse or watch videos instantly.

  • You can access PeerTube without paying any subscription fees.

To Conclude

We tried hard to let you know the best YouTube alternatives. They are handpicked and you may pick anything to stream, host, and share videos with others.

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