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How to Delete YouTube Playlist Using Desktop & Smartphone



How to Delete YouTube Playlist

YouTube is a popular and number one platform to watch all kinds of videos. The playlist is the location where you can add all your favorite videos to watch them easily. You can create your own playlist and add unlimited numbers of videos to it. Anyone can create playlists, share them, and even friends can add videos to your playlist. Playlists can be either kept private or shared publicly. You can also easily delete a YouTube Playlist using your smartphone and computer. Once you deleted your YouTube Playlist, it cannot be recovered. The following guide will show you the detailed step-by-step procedure to delete the YouTube playlist.

How to Delete YouTube Playlist Using Android/iPhone/iPad

{1} Open the YouTube app on your smartphone. YouTube app is a pre-installed app on all Android and iOS devices.

{2} Click the Library option on the right bottom of the screen.

{3} Choose the playlist that you want to delete.

{4} Click the three dotted menu icon on the top right corner.

Click the three dotted

{5} Select the Delete Playlist option.

 Select the Delete Playlist

{6} A pop-up will open to confirm the deletion. Click Delete.

Delete playlist

{7} Finally, the playlist has been removed from your account.

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Delete YouTube Playlists Using PC Browser

{1} Visit on your PC browser and login to your account.

{2} Click the hamburger icon on the top left corner of the YouTube screen.

{3} Select the Library option.

{4} On your Library page, scroll down to the playlist section.

{5} Under playlist, click the VIEW FULL PLAYLIST option.


{6} Click the three-dotted menu next to the shuffle play icon.

{7} Select the Delete Playlist option.

 Delete Playlist

{8} Again, tap Delete to remove the playlist from your YouTube account.

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By using these above methods, you can easily delete your YouTube playlist. Furthermore, if you want, you can also remove a particular video from the playlists. Thus, one can add and delete playlists on YouTube without any limitations. If you’re a smartphone user, you can also use the browser method to remove the playlists.

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