Does Envato Elements Offer a Free Trial?

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Currently, Envato Elements doesn’t offer any free trial to new subscribers. But, it does provide 12 free files every month for its account holders. You can download and use those files on your products, designs, or for any applications without violating Envato’s terms & conditions.

How to Get Free Assets on Envato Elements

As mentioned earlier, there’s no free trial on Envato Elements, and you can only get 12 hand-selected files for free. For this, you need to create a free account on their website. Here’s how we do it.

1. Visit the official website Envato Elements from a browser.

2. Click on the More option.

Click on More

3. Select Free Files from the drop-down and click on Monthly Free Files.

Get Envato Elements free files

4. In the following screen, select Create account now.

5. Then, sign in with either of your Google, Apple, Facebook, or any other Email address.

6. After this, you can view certain files that are offered for free. Click on it and download the file to your device. Once downloaded, you can use this file.

How to Access Full Features of Envato Elements

To get full features on Envato Elements, you need to subscribe to any of its plans. It offers plans for Individuals, Teams, and Enterprises. Those choosing Team plans can get upto 34% discount depending on the number of members in your team. Envato Elements also provides a 30% discount for Students.


1. Can I use Envato Elements’ files after unsubscribing it?

No. Once you unsubscribe from Envato Elements, you cannot use its files on any new products. However, it won’t affect the existing products that you’ve already got a license for.

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