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Best IPTV Players for Android | 2019 Latest



IPTV Players for Android

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV allows you to watch live televisions and on-demand videos through your devices. Plenty of IPTV apps are available for Android, Windows, Firestick, MAC, iPhone and other devices as well. Developers have developed free IPTV application for Android devices. You can directly download those apps from the Google Play Store. Among the many IPTV apps, let us discuss on the Best IPTV Players for Android in this post.

Best IPTV Players for Android

Here are the list of Best IPTV Players for Android:

Why you need a VPN

While Streaming online, your IP will be exposed easily. Hence ISPs (Internet Service Providers), app developers, government agencies and hackers can track your online activities with ease. At the end of the day, you may face some legal problems if you have streamed any copyrighted contents. To avoid these problems, we recommend you to use VPN (Virtual Private Network). A good VPN lets you hide your real identity by switching your IP to different locations. On the other hand, VPN is also helpful in accessing the media that are geo-restricted. Some of the apps/services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more are geo-restricted in certain countries. To bypass those restrictions, you need to install a VPN on your device.

After trying out several free and paid VPN services, we recommend you to use NordVPN. It is regarded as the best VPN to safeguard your privacy. While purchasing the NordVPN, make sure to select the annual plans rather than selecting the monthly plans. Moreover, you will also get a 70% instant discount on a 3-year plan.

IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro is available officially on Google Play Store. It is one of the best IPTV players for Android. You can install the app on all Android platforms like Android phones, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick and more. This app allows you to watch live TV, movies, web series and TV catch up.

Best IPTV Players for Android
IPTV Smarters Pro

Features of IPTV Smarters Pro

  • Supports m3u file loading
  • Parental control available
  • Built-in powerful IPTV Player
  • External player integration
  • Embedded subtitles

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One of the famous and best IPTV players for Android is GSE Smart IPTV Player. The UI is very simple and easy to use. The app allows you to cast the streaming videos on your smart TV as well. The GSE Smart IPTV supports more than 45 video formats as well. It also supports more than 5 live streaming formats.

Best IPTV Players for Android

Features of GSE Smart IPTV

  • Supports Chromecast
  • Automatic live stream reconnection
  • Parental control
  • Available in multiple themes
  • Dynamic language switching


Lazy IPTV’s simple interface and low memory occupancy make it as one of the best IPTV Players for Android devices. It doesn’t contain any built-in playlist or videos. Clients (users) have to enter their favorite IPTV link and the app will do the rest. You can watch live TV, movies, video-on-demand, web series and much more using Lazy IPTV.

Best IPTV Players for Android

Features of Lazy IPTV

  • m3u playlist support
  • It also supports HTTP/HTTPS, UDP, and Youtube links
  • Also supports internet radio playback
  • Parental control available
  • Plenty of themes available

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Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect player IPTV is designed to give us a setup box feel. It allows you to play movies, videos, live TV and much more. The app is available for your TV, desktop and mobile devices. The Perfect player is just a media streaming device and it does not contain any channels in it. It plays all the URL’s submitted by its users.

Best IPTV Players for Android
Perfect Player

Features of Perfect Player IPTV

  • It also manages local files as well.
  • It supports Perfect Cast IPTV.
  • Supports M3U, XSPF Playlist formats.
  • Supports XMLTV, JTV EPG formats.
  • It has big control panels


Kodi is available officially on Google Play Store. You can use Kodi as a local media player as well. It is one of the best apps designed with multiple platform supports. Apart from supporting addons, Kodi also supports IPTV links as well. The interface allows users to search and stream videos easily. Kodi is available on Android, Windows, Linux, and much more platform.

Best IPTV Players for Android

Features of Kodi

  • UI is simple and easy
  • Supports almost all video formats
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Supports IPTV as addons as well
  • Free Open source application

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This app allows you to watch IPTV from your internet provider and also allows you to watch free IPTV from other sources online. The simple interface and easy operating of this app make it one of the best IPTV players for Android phones.

Best IPTV Players for Android

Features of IPTV

  • Contains playlist history
  • Plays mulicast streams using UDP proxy
  • TV channels can be viewed in grid, list or tile view
  • Supports M3U and XSPF

Smart IPTV Player

Another best IPTV player available for Android is Smart IPTV Player. As other IPTV players, it also doesn’t contain any inbuilt channels but allows you stream contents via m3u format. You can log in to this app to automatically sync your account and to load the playlist easily.

Best IPTV Players for Android
Smart IPTV Player

Features of Smart IPTV Player

  • High quality video player
  • You can create edit and share links to your friends
  • You can load local and remote m3u links on the internet
  • It allows you to synchronize your account

The above list is the best IPTV Players for Android. You can check the Best IPTV Player for windows here.

Wrapping Up

With the best IPTV Player, you can enjoy live TV, movies, videos and much more on your Android phones. There are plenty of IPTV players available and you can’t use all of them on your Android device. Here we have listed the top IPTV players along with their features. You can choose the best one which suits you and enjoy watching IPTV.

Thank you for reading this post. Visit for more tech information. Leave your feedback and queries in the below comment section.



  1. Netuddki

    March 30, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    The best AndroidTV/Samsung app for IPTV is “EPiG” from the guys who created, which is the best EPG service out there.

  2. Edgar

    July 4, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    I like “OTTplay IPTV” on Android. You can add an unlimited amount of playlists & EPGs.

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