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How to Reset Firestick/Fire TV? [With or Without Remote]



How to Reset Firestick/Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Firestick is one of the best streaming devices available in the market. There are plenty of applications available on the Amazon app store and you can download apps to customize your Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon is updating their Fire OS on regular intervals and trying max to fix bugs every time if any. Sometimes, you might find your device not responding or working properly. During that time, if nothing works on your way, then a factory reset is the only solution. Here are the steps to reset your Firestick/Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV Stick
Fire TV Stick

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Why do we Reset Firestick?

Factory Reset is the final solution to solve a problem. You can analyse what is the issue with your Firestick and try to solve those issues. Here are the general issues:

  • “Firestick not responding” issue occurs frequently.
  • If the Firestick freezes or becomes blank.
  • Plenty of apps installed and causing slow load time of your applications.
  • Software issues.

These are a few issues you will feel annoying whenever it occurs. If any solutions don’t work, then finally we have to go for Factory Reset only. By resetting your firestick, you will lose all applications installed, data available in the internal storage and login details. You have to make sure that you have taken all backups properly. 

How to Reset Firestick/Fire TV Stick?

Resetting Firestick is a simple method but by resetting Firestick, you might lose some important application or data. Before resetting, always remember to take your app login details and data if any. Here are the steps to reset your Firestick:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” page on your Firestick. 

Firestick Settings
Setting Page on Firestick

Step 2: Move to the “My Fire TV” option on your Settings page.

My Fire TV
My Fire TV Option

Step 3: In the “My Fire TV” menu, you will find options like About, Developer Options, Legal & Compliance, Sleep, Restart and Reset to Factory Defaults.

Select About
My Fire TV Menu

Step 4: Move down to the “Reset to Factory Defaults” option and click on it.

Reset to Factory Defaults
Reset to Factory Defaults

Step 5: If you have pin locked your Firestick, then your device will prompt for your pin to proceed. If you have not used any pin, then it will directly move to step 6.

Step 6: On the pop-up window, click on “Reset” to reset your device to the original factory settings.

How to Reset Firestick/Fire TV Stick?
Reset Firestick

Your Firestick might take a while to Reset as it has to delete all data in it. Once the Reset is completed, your Firestick will look similar to a new device. You have to set up from the beginning and install apps.

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Reset Firestick Without Pin

If you have forgotten your pin, then it is a little tricky to Reset your Firestick. There are two ways to Reset Firestick without a pin. Here are the ways:

Method 1: Pin referred here is a centralised one. You can log in to and reset your pin anytime. By using the new pin, you can easily reset the device to factory settings.

Method 2: This might work for sometimes. On the pin prompting page, press the remote’s right navigation button and return button alternatively. After 5 to 10 times of doing that, the prompted pin page gets bypassed and you can easily reset your Firestick.

Reset Firestick Without PIN
Bypass your Pin using this technique

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Reset Firestick Without Remote

It is very difficult to operate a Firestick without a remote. Here are two methods which you might find helpful:

Method 1: Borrow a Firestick remote from a neighbour or a friend and pair it with your firestick. After pairing the remote, you can reset your Firestick by the steps mentioned above. Don’t forget to return the remote and buy one quickly.

Method 2: If the firestick is connected to wifi, then connect your mobile phone to the same wifi and download the “Fire TV” app. Now log in to the same Amazon account which you have signed in on the Firestick. Search for the Firestick device from the Fire TV app and connect to it. Now you can use your phone as a remote and reset your Firestick. 

How to Reset Firestick
Fire TV App

Wrapping Up 

Consider resetting only when no other solution works. Resetting takes just a few minutes but it deletes all the information stored in it. Personal preferences get deleted as well. You have to start from the beginning and download all the applications you need which will consume your time and internet data as well. 

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