Activate YouTube on Apple TV


Quick Guide

  • The YouTube app is available for Apple TV on the App Store.
  • After installing the app, you need to activate it on your Apple TV by going to the YouTube activation website.
  • Alternatively, you can AirPlay the YouTube content on your Apple TV from your iPhone app.

YouTube is a free ad-supported streaming service with millions of videos on music, games, beauty, news, etc. It brings you unlimited entertainment from across the globe. You can install the YouTube app on the Apple TV running tvOS 13.0 or later. If your Apple TV is running tvOS 12.0 or below, you can AirPlay the videos from your iPhone. If you are annoyed by the YouTube ads, get YouTube Premium on its official website for $13.99/month to stream the videos ad-free.

Let’s see how to install and stream YouTube on Apple TV.

How to Get YouTube on Apple TV

1. Turn ON and connect your Apple TV to a stable WiFi.

2. Go to the Apple TV App Store.

Go to Apple TV App Store

3. Tap the Search bar and enter YouTube.

4. Select the app and hit Get to install the app on Apple TV.

Select YouTube app

5. Now, you need to activate the YouTube app on your device.

How to Activate & Stream YouTube on Apple TV

1. Open the YouTube app and tap Sign in.

2. Note the Activation code appeared on the TV screen.

3. Go to the YouTube activation website (youtube.com/activate) from your Smartphone/PC browser.

4. Enter the YouTube activation code on the TV screen and click Continue.

6. Then, sign in with your YouTube account credentials.

Enter YouTube Activation code

7. Now, the YouTube app will be activated on your TV. Play any video on the app and enjoy streaming it on your Apple TV.

How to AirPlay YouTube on Apple TV from iPhone/iPad

The YouTube app is compatible only with tvOS 13.0 or above. On other tvOS models, you cannot get the YouTube app. However, you can AirPlay the content on your Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad.

1. Connect your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad to the same WiFi

2. Then, enable the AirPlay option on Apple TV.

3. Install YouTube on your iPhone/iPad from the App Store.

Install YouTube on iPhone/iPad

4. Open the app and sign in with your YouTube account details.

5. Play any YouTube content and tap the AirPlay icon from the media playing screen.

6. Select your Apple TV from the shown device.

7. If prompted on your iPhone or iPad, enter the AirPlay code displayed on your TV screen.

8. Once the devices get paired, you can watch the videos on your Apple TV.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Apple TV

YouTube videos sometimes load or completely freeze on your TV. You can resolve these issues by following the below-mentioned fixes.

  • Connect the Apple TV device to a strong WiFi with high Internet bandwidth.
  • Check the YouTube server status on the downdetector website.
  • Clear the YouTube app cache and data.
  • Sign out and Sign in again to your YouTube account.
  • Restart Apple TV and launch the app again.
  • Update Apple TV firmware and then update the app on Apple TV.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app on Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does YouTube offer a free trial?

Yes. YouTube offers a free trial for 1-month with all of its subscription plans.

2. How do you block YouTube ads on Apple TV 4K?

If you wish to eliminate the YouTube ads, purchase its premium subscription.