What Is Mixed Reality and How It Can Help Save Lives

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Recently, Microsoft introduced HoloLens 2 mixed reality smart glasses. The innovative technology used in this gadget has more than a wide range of use – from the possibility of “holographic teleportation” of people into any environment to the use of mixed reality in clinics during the most complex surgeries. How can this technology change our lives? Let’s find out!

What Is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality (MR) is a technology that combines virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) realities. In fact, VR, AR, and MR are three successive stages in the development of almost all digital technologies:

  • We use VR every day when we run most applications on a smartphone, play casino slots with no deposit bonuses, or just surf the Internet. Best of all, this concept is implemented in VR gaming helmets or VR glasses: putting on such a device, the user completely loses touch with reality and plunges into the world that the developer has prepared for them;
  • Augmented reality has both an entertaining and practical purpose. This technology allows developers to add virtual objects to the real world. The most common use for AR is the worldwide popular Pokemon Go game, which involved detecting fictional creatures in the real world using a smartphone camera;
  • The most advanced technology that combines AR and VR is mixed reality. MR is also called hybrid reality and, unlike AR, this technology allows not only to create virtual objects in the real world but also to ensure their interaction in real-time.

With the help of MR, a person can see how virtual objects complement the real world and use this interaction to improve their efficiency. The scope of MR usage is unlimited: it includes entertainment, education, manufacture, medicine, military affairs, and other spheres.

Mixed Reality

Examples of Usage

Microsoft is a pioneer in the development of MR technologies that recently introduced the 2nd generation of its HoloLens 2 MR glasses. Experts are already predicting a real revolution in the market thanks to this device, which is used in various fields, and which completely changes the experience of human interaction with virtual and the real worlds:

  1. Using this gadget, experts from Germany and Austria collect additional evidence and facts about cases of domestic violence.
  2. The US army announced the purchase of more than 40 thousand copies of such glasses to expand the tactical abilities of their soldiers. They are considering the possibility of controlling military drones using these glasses.
  3. Lockheed Martin and Airbus airlines, as well as the automaker Mercedes-Benz, use this gadget to train staff and create their products.
  4. Recently, Microsoft MR glasses were used during the 24H Holographic Surgery international medical marathon, in which 15 surgeons from 13 countries made operations using the HoloLens 2.

The above examples prove that the work of a person accompanied with MR technology allows achieving maximum efficiency and great results. This is not only about saving human lives but also improving their quality.

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