Access Secret Browser on PS5 Via Game Base


Quick Answer

  • You can send the website URL as a PS message to your friend to access the hidden web browser on PS5.
  • Alternatively, link your Twitter account to PlayStation 5 to access the official website of different services on PS5.

Though I love playing games like Call of Duty, Warframe, and Pubg on my PS5, there are times when I want to visit any particular website to explore its content on the PS5 screen. In such scenarios, I wondered how helpful it would be to have a web browser on my PS5. With this curiosity, I began my search for a web browser on PS5. My search disappointed me as I could not find any web browser on my PS5 gaming console. Later, I found that PS5 does not have a dedicated web browser.

However, I discovered a workaround through which I was able to access the hidden web browser on PS5. Through this article, I’ve shared all the useful information I’ve gathered and the tricks to gain access to the PS5 hidden web browser. Although the PS5 web browser does not work the same way as a traditional PS4 web browser, you can still access various websites using that web browser.

One easy way to access the PS5 web browser is by sending PS messages from the Game Base. Alternatively, use your Twitter account to visit any website of your choice on the PS5 secret web browser. You can also find out the reasons why the PlayStation 5 does not have a dedicated web browser in this article.

Is there a Web Browser on PS5?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 does have a web browser. But browsing the internet and navigating to sites using this web browser is not so convenient. The web browser is almost hidden. It does not support bookmarks, show frequently visited sites, or have any other browser features users expect in a web browser. If you’re looking for a fully functional web browser on your PS5, then you will be frustrated with the limited features of this browser.

PS5 web browser satisfies basic functions. So, you can visit websites with text and limited images, videos, or other formats using this web browser. You won’t be able to pull up this browser from your main menu. There’s no way to access the address bar on this PlayStation 5 web browser. Similarly, you can’t manually enter any URL in the web browser.

How to Use Internet Browser on PS5

Through my research, I’ve discovered two workarounds using which you can access the web browser without any problem.

Via PS Message

The simplest method to access a webpage using the PS5 hidden web browser is through PS messages.

1. Make sure your TV is turned on and connect the PS5 to the WiFi.

2. Fetch your PS5 DualSense controller and press the PlayStation logo to display the Control Center menu.

3. The Control Center menu will appear with a list of options.

4. Click the Game Base icon. A Game Base window will appear on the screen with various tabs like Parties, Friends, Friend Requests, and Search.

PS5 Web Browser - Click on the Game Base icon

5. Tap the Friends tab and choose any of the available friends.

6. Enter the website URL you want to access on PS5 and send it as a PS message.

7. Once the message is sent, click the website link.

8. You will now be taken to the website using the PS hidden web browser.

You can pin the website to the side to quickly access the web browser like an activity card. Doing this is the same as marking a webpage as a favorite on a traditional web browser. By using this method, you can access several services like Discord on PS5 hassle-free.

Through Twitter [X]

If you don’t want to send the website link to a friend, you can use your Twitter account to access the website on PS5. The procedure is a bit more complex than the previous method. But you should be able to do this with our simplified and detailed instructions.

1. Turn on your PlayStation 5 and move to the PS5 home screen.

2. Click the Settings icon at the top right corner.

3. Once you click this icon, your PlayStation 5 screen will open the system settings menu.

4. Scroll down and choose the Users and Accounts option.

5. Select the Link with Other Services option from the Users and Accounts submenu to find the available social media services you can link with your PlayStation 5.

6. Choose Twitter followed by Link Account.

PS5 Web Browser - choose Link with Other Services

Note: You should first unlink your Twitter account to access the hidden web browser if you’ve previously linked your Twitter account to PlayStation 5.

7. Once you select this option, your PlayStation 5 will take you to the authorization page of Twitter.

8. Instead of authorizing the app, click the Twitter logo shown at the top of the page. If you authorize the app on this page using your credentials, it will link your Twitter account with your PS5. After successful linking, it will close the web browser.

9. The Twitter log in page will appear once you click the Twitter logo.

10. Type in your credentials and log in to your Twitter account.

11. Now, your gaming console will direct you to the home screen of Twitter. Here, you can find various website links embedded in the tweets. Various official handles will also feature links to their websites.

12. Click the website link you want to access to visit the website.

After clicking the external website link, you will be taken to the website on the PlayStation 5 web browser.

Does the PS5 Browser Work With All Websites?

No. The PS5 web browser is only capable of handling limited basic functions. You can use the web browser to go to websites with texts and some images. The web browser lets you watch videos on sites like Twitter and YouTube on PS5. But there is no way to watch the videos in full-screen mode. You can access web-based games and a few interactive content coded in HTML and Javascript with the help of this web browser.

However, you may encounter issues while accessing interactive websites that use animations, WebGL, and Flash. To state the obvious, you can’t reliably access any website that requires multimedia on the PS5 hidden web browser.

Why does the PS5 Web Browser Not Work on All Sites?

It can be a disadvantage that there isn’t any fully functional web browser on the PlayStation 5. However, there can be two main reasons why Sony has excluded this feature in the PlayStation 5 gaming console. The company has spent the majority of its resources on delivering an unparalleled gaming experience to its users. So, they are less interested in developing a web browser for the PlayStation 5 console.

Moreover, there is a risk of jailbreaking on PS5 if there is a web browser on the gaming console. Not including a traditional web browser is one of Sony’s ways to secure PS5’s security.

Can I Install Any Web Browser on PS5?

No, Sony does not offer support for installing any third-party web browser on the PlayStation 5. So, you can’t download any web browser from the PlayStation Store on the PS5 gaming console. You may be able to reach the app’s page on the PS5. But when you try to download the web browser app by clicking the Download button, an error will appear with the message ‘The data is not supported by the PS5‘ on the screen.

Is It Possible to Use Google on PS5?

Yes, you can use Google on the PlayStation 5 as a workaround. There is no direct way to use Google on the PS5 gaming console. However, I’ve told you the trick that worked well for me. Navigate to the Link with Other Services on the PS5, click Twitter, and choose Link Account. From the pop-up window, click on the Twitter logo icon to go to the login page and click on the Sign in with Google option on the right side of the page. Click the Terms to go to the policy page and click Google at the bottom. You will be taken to the Google home page, where you can browse any content on the PS5.


1. Does PS5 have a web browser?

Yes. The PlayStation 5 has a web browser, but there are very limited features on the browser. Also, you can’t directly access the PlayStation 5 web browser.

2. When is PS5 getting the internet browser?

As of now, Sony has not made any official announcement regarding when there will be a web browser app on the PlayStation 5. The company feels that the browser app is not required for gaming consoles.