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Quick Answer

  • There is no dedicated app for any IPTV player on the PS5 console.
  • Watch IPTV on PS5:
    • Use the Plex app to stream IPTV content on the PS5 console.
    • Watch IPTV on the PS5 web browser using any IPTV player website.
    • Use the third-party Screen Mirroring website to screen mirror IPTV to PS5 from your smartphone.

Streaming on the PS5 console is so much fun and exciting that I forget the device is designed for gaming at times. While streaming apps on my PS5, I got curious about the ways to get IPTV on PS5. As far as I know, IPTV made its arrival into the entertainment industry with the goal of bringing engaging content to one place. In the current situation, it has reached a wide range of people with its impressive features by replacing traditional TV boxes. Meanwhile, I got to know that there is no app for IPTV natively available in the PlayStation Store. Due to this reason, I am unable to download the official IPTV app on my PS5 console.

Although there are apps like Netflix, Disney, and Hulu on PS5, IPTV provides an upgraded viewing experience for me with its on-demand library of content. For this purpose, I did my research and found a workaround using which you can get IPTV on PS5. If you’re looking for the same answer, I suggest you use the Plex app on your PS5 console and configure the app with an active IPTV provider subscription to stream IPTV on PS5.

In this article, I’ve covered all the possible ways to watch IPTV content on your PlayStation 5 console.

Does PS5 have any native IPTV Players?

No, the PlayStation 5 does not have any native IPTV player apps. This information may disappoint you since there is no straightforward approach to getting any IPTV player on the PS5 console. However, you can make use of the digital media player Plex to stream any preferred IPTV content on the PlayStation 5. Since Plex is a free media player, you just have to subscribe to any IPTV provider to access its content on the PS5 console using the Plex app.

How to Watch IPTV on PS5 Using Plex

To watch IPTV on PS5, you need the Plex Media Server app along with an IPTV provider subscription. It does not cost anything to access the Plex Media Server app, as it offers a free tier with basic features. However, you should subscribe to the Plex Pass at $5/ month for exclusive features. There are various stages involved in the process. Complete every stage to stream IPTV on the PS5 using the Plex app without any problem.

Note: You can also use the M3U proxy server for Plex, xTeVe, to configure IPTV on Plex. After configuring it, you can log in to your Plex account to start streaming the IPTV content on the PS5 console.


Before you start with the process, make sure you have obtained the following pre-requirements.

  • Plex account
  • Plex Media Server for Windows PC
  • IPTV Plug-in
  • Notepad++ for Windows PC

Install Plex Media Server on PC

1. Use any web browser on a Windows PC to visit Plex’s official website.

2. CClick on the Download tab in the upper right corner.

IPTV on PS5 - Click on the Download tab

3. Under Plex Pro Downloads, select the Plex Media Server option. You will taken to the Downloads page.

4. Pick the Windows platform and click on the Choose Distribution button to download the software on your PC.

5. Now, the file will be downloaded as an extension file on your PC.

6. Once downloaded, run the Plex Media Server’s .exe file on your Windows PC.

7. Wait till the setup is complete. After successful completion, hit the Launch button and sign in to your Plex account.

Set Up IPTV on Plex Media Server

After installing, you must configure the IPTV content to the Plex Media Server on your PC to stream on your PlayStation 5 console.

1. First, visit Notepad++’s official website to download the free source code editor on your PC.

2. Go to the IPTV Plug-in website on your PC web browser to download the IPTV plug-in. The zip file will be downloaded under the name iptv-bundle-master.

3. Once downloaded, extract the file to the location C:/ users/ ”your PC name”/ AppData/ Local/ Plex Media Server/ Plug-ins.

4. Head to the Contents folder from the extracted file.

5. Locate the Info.plist file and open it with Notepad++.

6. Look for the following code:


7. If the code is found, replace it with the code given below and save the file.


8. Leave the file as it is and proceed to the next step if the file already contains the above code.

9. Again, open the Content folder from the extraction file.

10. Now, launch the Resources folder with Notepad++.

11. Provide the M3U URL of an IPTV provider and rename the extracted folder as IPTV.bundle.

12. Once done, the IPTV content will be loaded to your Plex Media Server account.

Download Plex on PS5

1. Press the Power button to turn on your PS5.

2. Launch the PS5 home screen and click the Media section in the upper left corner.

3. Tap on the All Apps icon. Your PS5 screen will now display all the apps available in the PlayStation Store.

IPTV on PS5 - Click on Game base icon

4. Find the Plex app and select it to move to the app page.

5. Click the Download button next to the Plex app to download the app on your PS5.

6. It will take a few minutes to complete the download process.

7. Once done, click the Start button to launch the Plex app on the PS5 console.

8. Use your credentials to sign in to your Plex Media Server account.

9. Finally, you can stream the desired IPTV content on your PS5 console.

How to Watch IPTV on the PS5 Web Browser

If you want to stream IPTV without the Plex app, you can use the PS5 web browser to proceed with it. PS5 web browser is different from traditional web browsers. So, proceed with the following procedure to watch IPTV on the PS5 web browser.

1. When your PS5 is turned on, navigate to the home screen.

2. Press the PlayStation logo button on the DualSense controller to open the Control Center menu.

3. Scroll through the icons and tap on the Game Base icon in the Control Center.

Click on the Game Base icon

4. Choose any friend of your choice and go to their player profile.

5. Enter the website link (web.iptvplayers.com) of the Web IPTV player as a message and send it.

6. After sending the message, click on the URL to open the Web IPTV player on the PS5 web browser.

7. Provide the M3U URL of any IPTV provider to load its content on the IPTV player.

8. After the content is loaded, you can stream the on-demand movies and shows of the IPTV provider on your PS5 web browser.

Screen Mirror IPTV Content on PS5

Alternatively, you can use screen mirroring to watch IPTV on PS5. It is a great option if you are already watching your favorite IPTV content on your smartphone. Since there is native support for screen mirroring on PS5, you need to rely on the third-party screen mirroring app to stream IPTV on PS5

1. Make sure your PS5 and smartphone are connected to the same WIFI network.

2. Go to the Control Center menu and tap on the Game Base icon.

3. Move to the Friends tab and pick any friend.

4. On their player profile, choose the Messages option.

5. The PS5 screen will present two options: Send A Quick Message and View Messages.

6. Select the Send A Quick Message option.

7. Copy and paste the Screen Mirroring receiving website link (tvee.app) in the message box and send it.

8. Tap on the URL after the message is sent. The website will open on the PS5 web browser, displaying a QR code on the screen.

IPTV on PS5 - Go to the Screen Mirroring site

9. Get the Screen Mirroring app from the Play Store/App Store on your smartphone and launch the app.

10. Use the Screen Mirroring app to scan the code on the webpage.

11. Once scanned, your phone screen will be displayed on the PS5 screen.

12. Install and launch any IPTV player on your smartphone.

13. Now, input the M3U URL of an IPTV provider into the app to load its content.

14. Once loaded, you can browse the IPTV content you like and watch it on your PlayStation 5 console.


1. Can I get an IPTV player on PS5?

Natively, the PlayStation 5 does not offer support for any IPTV player app. However, you can get your desired IPTV player on your gaming console with the help of the Plex app.

2. Is it legal to watch IPTV on PS5?

It is hard to define the legality of IPTV on PS5. This is because many IPTV services offer content that is not legal. So, using a reliable VPN service is considered a safe option to watch IPTV on the PS5 console.

3. Which is the best IPTV app for PS5?

Compared with the features and accessibility, the Web IPTV player can be considered the best option for the PS5 console.