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4 Loan Apps That Cover You Till Payday



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Loan apps can come to the rescue when you only need a small amount to get through the week. This way, you might not want to bother your savings account balance or take out a personal loan. Due to their bad-credit-friendly nature, loan apps are also a suitable option for people with credit issues. However, they differ from regular personal loans, so it may take you some time to understand how they work and choose the one that fits you. Or you can read on to get all the answers now and explore the best apps to borrow money from.

The 4 Best Apps to Borrow Money from

  1. 1F Cash Advance – Overall, it is the best loan app for small emergencies.
  2. 15M Finance – The best cash advance app for people with bad credit.
  3. ASAP Finance – Best for offering small cash advances with no extra fees.
  4. Same Day Loan – Best for a cash advance app with money funding within a day.

#1. 1F Cash Advance – Overall Best Loan App for Small Emergencies

1F Cash Advance is an instant cash advance app created by the eponymous company. The platform was aimed at developing the best loan app with a straightforward interface without sacrificing functionality. The final result amazes me with its convenience and flexibility and reflects the specifics of the service. It allows iOS and Android users to find a suitable lender easily and hassle-free.

You just need to make a few clicks and enter basic information on a simple online application form. The app will then select the most suitable offers for you and send your request to lenders with the best conditions. The whole process takes less than one hour, and the money can reach your bank account within a business day. The most requested amounts are between $100 and $250, but higher sums are available, too.

#2. 15M Finance – The Best Cash Advance App for People with Bad Credit

Borrowers with bad credit can forget about all the difficulties of getting extra cash when the 15M Finance application comes into play. This cash advance app is a reliable guide through multiple loan offers from bad-credit-friendly lenders. The tool is known for its no-credit-check process, giving a glimmer of hope to borrowers with credit issues. Additionally, this simplification makes the processing faster. You can get up to $500 within just one business day or by the end of the same day. 

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You only need to install it on your smartphone or tablet and fill out a simple application form.

#3. ASAP Finance – Best for Offering Small Cash Advances with No Extra Fees

When you’re looking for emergency cash, paying something upfront is the last thing you need. Although there are many services that charge you for the potential ability to access additional financing anytime you need it, ASAP Finance is different. This app provides a free loan-finding service to borrowers.

There’s no monthly subscription fee or membership fee you need to pay upfront to use the app. The tool itself is also free, so you can simply install it on your Android or iOS device and leave it alone until an emergency knocks at your door.

#4. Same Day Loan – Best for a Cash Advance App with Money Funding within a Day

The fact that you need money fast can add some stress to your daily life, but not with the Same Day Loan app. This tool can provide you with prompt financial support when you require cash as soon as possible. The whole process is about filling out a simple application form. More than that, it comes with no paperwork or credit check through major credit bureaus. You can access the money in your bank account within as little as 24 business hours.

Additionally, the entire process is automated. Just install the version for iOS or Android, depending on your device’s operating system, and get the money from the comfort of your home in a few taps.

What Parameters to Consider When Choosing the Right Money Loan App?

Money loan apps can differ from each other significantly. To choose the tool that will work the best for you, take the following steps and pay attention to a few parameters mentioned below:

  • Determine your needs. Some apps can meet your urgent needs, while others provide you with a free service. Ask yourself what is important for you when it comes to borrowing money.
  • Compare options. Each app has its unique features that can predetermine your choice. To find the best option, compare at least a few of them, paying special attention to costs, repayment terms, and funding times.
  • Learn more about cash advance app fees. There can be various fees applied, from interest rates on the borrowed amount to charges for instant funding or membership.
  • Make sure an app can meet your deadlines. Some apps may take longer to transfer the funds than others. Ensure you have the time it takes for an app to deliver the money.
  • Read customer reviews. Learning from other people’s experiences is always better than getting your own hard knocks. Check what other users are saying to make sure you share your personal data with a reliable app.

What Are Money Borrowing Apps?

A money borrowing app is like an online lender you can get connected with via your smartphone. This tool is installed on your mobile device and provides you with 24/7 access to fast financial solutions. Thanks to this, you can request much-needed financial assistance at any moment. Your cell phone with an Internet connection is the only thing you need to get started.

The amount you can access via money borrowing apps is usually small and rarely exceeds $500. Many apps may also calculate the maximum amount you can borrow based on what you already earned but haven’t yet received. The repayment terms are commonly tied to the date of your next paycheck but can sometimes be extended.

Some apps offer interest-free loans but require a user to pay a monthly subscription fee. Others work similarly to regular lenders and apply interest to the amounts they lend. However, the fees are usually lower than those on other short-term options. Therefore, money borrowing apps are often considered a safer and cheaper alternative to payday loans.

Cash Advance Apps vs. Payday Lenders – What’s The Difference?

The main difference between cash advance apps and payday lenders lies in the regulations they are subject to. As apps are considered payday advance tools, they are not obliged to follow the same rules that are applied to payday loan providers.

Additionally, loans from money borrowing apps are often less expensive. Some of them may even be offered on an interest-free basis. This makes them less risky for borrowers, allowing them not to get into a debt trap.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps?

Cash advance apps have their ins and outs that should be considered before using them. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of these borrowing options.


  • Small app fees. Loans offered via loan apps are cheaper than payday loans or overdraft fees. On average, apps charge $15.53 for borrowing $100. For comparison, a bank overdraft fee can be as high as $35 per transaction, while a payday loan can come with an up to $30 fee for each $100 borrowed;
  • Fast direct deposits. Some apps can deliver money to you in a matter of minutes, sometimes in exchange for an express fee. Common funding times are usually within one business day;
  •  24/7 access. You can use the app when you find it convenient or need urgent assistance. There’s no need to stick to a lender’s operating times;
  • Bad credit tolerance. Borrowers with any credit can get a small loan as long as they have a stable source of income. Apps don’t report your data to major credit bureaus and perform no hard credit checks to determine your creditworthiness.


  • Access to your bank account is typically required. This is made to collect the funds when the due date comes. This may trigger an overdraft fee, although many companies try to avoid this;
  • Debt is debt. You still need to repay the amount you borrow, often with extra fees. This way, you will have to settle for a smaller amount next month since the loan cost will be deducted from your next salary;
  • Low amounts. Most loan apps allow you to get between $50 and $250, which can be not enough to finance some major purchases or cover big emergencies.

How to Borrow Money via Payday Advance Apps?

A borrowing mechanism may vary by app, but the common steps are as follows:

  1. Install an app on your mobile device. Visit an App Store or Google Play and find the chosen app there.
  2. Fill out a loan request form. Enter your personal, financial, and bank account information and submit the form. Some apps may also ask you to provide access to your timesheet or monthly direct deposit history.
  3. Get a response. If you’re approved for a loan, you’ll get an email or a push notification from the app.
  4. E-sign an agreement. Pay attention to the loan terms before signing it. After you put in a signature, you accept the conditions and will have to meet them.
  5. Receive the funds. In most cases, apps make a direct deposit to your checking account within one business day.

Also, pay attention to possible requirements regarding the loan disbursement. Some apps may ask you to open an account within their platforms, while others allow you to add an external bank account you already have.

Alternatives to Money Borrowing Apps

Money borrowing apps are not the only options for people who need money quickly. Here are a few alternatives that can work even for borrowers with bad credit.

Payday Loans

A payday loan is an up to $1,000 amount you can borrow from an alternative lender for up to 30 days. These loans are bad credit friendly and involve no hard credit checks, making them accessible to borrowers with a bad credit history. However, they are more expensive than loans offered via cash advance apps. A payday loan APR can reach 400% or even exceed this figure. Thus, it’s not recommended to use them if you have an alternative financing option.

Credit Builder Loans

A credit builder loan is a smart solution for people who are starting to build credit or want to improve their current credit score. Unlike regular loans, which provide you with money upfront, credit builder loans require you to make monthly payments first without getting access to funds. When the loan term is over, you receive the money on hand. Each on-time payment is reported to credit bureaus, boosting your credit rating.

Credit Union Loans

If you’re a credit union member, learn more about the options it offers. Some credit unions provide payday alternative loans, which are available to members with bad credit but have lower interest rates and longer repayment terms.

Buy Now, Pay Later

If you need money for a certain purchase, such as a laptop or mobile phone, consider the “buy now, pay later” option. They allow you to split the total cost of your purchase into several monthly payments. However, you may be asked to pay about 25% of the value upfront.


Can I Borrow Money Instantly via Loan Apps?

Some loan apps allow you to get money instantly but will charge you an express fee for speed. Otherwise, you will get the funds within one or several business days.

Are Cash Advance Apps Free?

It depends on a particular app or company you work with. Some tools may charge monthly membership fees or subscription fees, while other money loan apps work for free. Learn an app’s terms carefully before you start using it. The tools from our list charge no monthly fees, so you can turn to them if you have no time to shop around.

Is It Safe to Use Loan Apps?

Loan apps are safe as long as they take proper security measures to protect your personal data. Also, make sure you choose a reliable service so as not to stumble upon a fraudster.

How Much Can I Borrow with a Loan App?

Loan apps usually limit their loan amounts to $50 to $500 per pay period. The exact sum depends on your income and the particular loan app you use.

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