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How to Enable Full-Screen Mode on Safari Browser



open safari in full screen

Quick Answer

  • You can enable the Full-Screen Mode on Safari using the Toolbar.
  • In Mac: Hover over the Green-colored icon → Choose Enter Full Screen.
  • In iPhone: Click the AA icon → Choose Hide Toolbar.
  • In iPad: Click the Share icon → Choose Add to Home Screen → Name the shortcut → Tap the shortcut.

The transition from Windows or Android to Apple is not a welcomed one for many users. Though Apple offers some cool new features, it still lags in some of the basic features. When I open the Safari browser on my new iMac, the browser pops up with just more than half of my iMac screen. To get the full-screen on Safari, I have to enable it manually by hovering over the Green-colored icon.

After that unpleasant experience, I read some support pages in Apple and came to know that the Safari browser on all devices (Mac, iPhone, & iPad) doesn’t open in full screen automatically. The user has to enable it manually every time they open the browser. If you are struggling to get the full screen on Safari browser, make use of this write-up. I have explored all the possible ways to enable the full-screen mode on the Safari browser with different Apple devices.

How to Get Full-Screen Mode on Safari Browser [Mac]

Before getting into the steps, make sure that the Safari browser is updated to its latest version. If not, update the Safari browser on your Mac.

1. Launch the Safari application on your Mac.

2. Hover the cursor over the green color icon in the Toolbar.

3. Select the option Enter Full Screen to view the application in full-screen mode.

Click Enter Full Screen Mode on Safari

4. To view the hidden option, move and place the mouse over the respected area to view the hidden option. For example, move the mouse to the Dock’s location to view the Dock menu.

5. Hover the cursor over the green color icon and select the option Exit Full Screen to view your browser in normal mode.

Exit Full Screen on Safari browser

How to Open Safari Browser in Full Screen [iPhone]

There is no Full Screen feature available in the Safari browser for iPhones. What I have done is hide the toolbar on the website. To do so,

1. Launch the Safari application on your Mac,

2. Click on the AA icon at the bottom of the address bar.

3. Select the option Hide toolbar to view your Safari in full-screen mode.

Tap Hide Toolbar to get full screen on Safari

4. Click on the Search bar to bring your browser into normal mode.

How to Enable Full-Screen Mode on Safari [iPad]

Getting full screen on iPad is pretty exciting. All I have to do is add the website as a shortcut to my iPad home screen. When I open the shortcut, the website will open in full-screen mode.

1. Open the Safari app on your iPad.

2. Tap the Share icon and select the Add to Home Screen option.

Click Add to Home Screen on iPad

3. Rename the website and tap Add.

Create a shortcut on iPad

4. Now, open the newly created shortcut website on your iPad to view the contents from full-screen mode.

Get Full Screen on Safari Using Desktop Mode

Being a Windows user for more than 5 years, I have used the Desktop Mode on Chrome browser a lot. I curiously searched for the same in the Safari browser. And voila, Safari offers built-in Desktop mode. To enable the mode,

1. Launch the Safari Browser on your iPhone.

2. Click on the AA icon at the bottom of the page.

3. Select the Request Desktop Website option. This will enable the Desktop Mode in the Safari browser.

4. The page will now load in the desktop version.

5. Go to the Control Center and unlock the Portrait Orientation.

Remove the orientation lock on iPhone

6. Now, you can view the page on Safari iPhone in Desktop Mode.

Get the Desktop Mode on iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change Safari screen size on iPad?

You can change the Safari screen size on your iPad by going to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.

How do you move the search bar on Safari?

To move the search bar on Safari, Tap Aa → select Show Top Address Bar or Show Bottom Tab Bar.

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