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Can You Live Off Playing Blackjack?




Have you ever heard of a career in a game? Yes, now it is a reality that you can live off while playing strategically a game like blackjack. Well, certain conditions must be associated, such as one with a low edge, and the player must be skillful enough to employ a smart strategy to win the game. Therefore, there are various methods involved in formulating a strategy, such as getting code bonuses similar to Icecasino promocode, which brings some extra rewards.

What Is the Reason for Earning Money?

All the table casino games have a mathematical edge that helps the layers to win strategically. However, when it comes to the blackjack games, it gives the players an upper hand to earn higher than any other casino table game. It is due to the fact that blackjack games have the lowest house edge, which is 5%, and when played strategically, this house edge can be further minimized to 2%.

Importance of low-house edge

The condition of house edge can be articulated as when a player bets a value of $100, and it means that the casino can win $5 out of it. Over time, the player can come out of such a loss through the factor that is known as the ‘variance’ of the casino games and is achieved via a random number generator.

Meanwhile, when it comes to blackjack games, there are varying conditions that these follow, and it is based on the already played hands during the game. For instance, in roulette, each successive spin is free of the consequences of the previous spins. On the contrary, each card played and removed from the shoe significantly impacts the outcome.

Ways to Win Blackjack

If you want to enter into the betting strategy of the blackjack games and gain significant winnings, then here are some of the best ways that you can employ to your advantage:

Know the Fundamental Strategy

You cannot win blackjack until and unless you know the basic rules of the game, which include a list of actions that the players need to take according to the situation of the dealer’s and the player’s hand. The player can also refer to the strategy chart, or they can memorize the strategy for when to hit, stand, double down, or surrender in the game. Such a strategy is effective in bringing down the house edge to a further 0.5% from 2%.

Avoid the Unneeded Bets

While with the intention of earning high payouts, often, the players choose unnecessary bettings without giving a thought to how it could be harmful to their net betting. In this regard, the insurance bet is known to be used by many blackjack players as it lets the players with a new betting amount. However, this bet significantly increases the house edge to 6%.

Set the Limits

In the pursuit of making good wins, it is important to set win and loss limits, as by doing so, they have a clear target to achieve every time they play. Also, setting the targets for betting is crucial if your income solely comes from the blackjack jack game. Therefore, once you have achieved the winning limit, leave the blackjack table, and if you have lost it, then do not exhaust yourself over it. Rather, try your luck the next day.

Select An Appropriate Betting Platform

Another crucial thing is to choose the right place to play the game if you intend to make money to live off of it. For that, look for online casinos that offer plenty of variations for the blackjack games with the possibility of earning huge bonuses. Choose the blackjack variants that are less costly and pay you back more, such as through the different bonus features. Moreover, choose the online casinos that throw multiple offers for the blackjack games, which could be:

  • Welcome offer
  • Loyalty points
  • Daily Bonus
  • Special Occasion Offers

Also, if you pick a casino that offers an affiliate program, it could help you earn some extra credit by inviting other people to the site.

Influencers in Blackjack Strategy

Here is the list of people who influenced the blackjack players:

  • Max Rubin: In his book Comp City, Rubin has explained to the blackjack players how to combine the basic blackjack strategy with the casino’s system that will lower the house edge for players.
  • Arnold Synder: He used the deck penetration system in the card counting.
  • Peter Griffin: He conducted a detailed study on the average blackjack player and presented the statistics of the playing outcomes and strategies. His book titled The Theory of Blackjack: The Complete Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21 is popular among the players.

Concluding Lines

Living off playing blackjack is not impossible. However, the game is not 100% promising to bring you the money whenever you need it. So, the players can earn a massive side-money out of the game, but it is best to look for another more reliable and promising earning source to cover your necessary expenditures.

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