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How to Record Gameplay on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



How to Record GamePlay on PS5

Every gamer likes to share their best gaming skills with others on social media apps. Recording gameplay or taking screenshots is quite difficult on most gaming consoles. But in PS5, you can easily record and share the gameplay with your friends. PS5 has an in-built option to record and take screenshots. So, you don’t need third-party software or a Capture Card to record the gameplay. There are two ways to record the gameplay on your PS5 console. You can either record the live gameplay or previous gameplay on your PS5 by selecting the option Start New Recording or Save Recent Gameplay.

How to Record Live Gameplay on PS5

#1. Navigate to the Games tab on the PS5 home screen.

#2. Highlight any game you wish to play and press the X button on the controller to launch the game.

Hit X key to launch the game

Customize Record Settings

#3. During the gameplay, press the CREATE button placed on the top left of the controller.

Press Create button to bring up the bottom menu

#4. A menu pops up at the bottom.

Floating horizontal menu when Share button is pressed during gameplay

#5. Tap the Menu icon at the bottom right.

Highlight and press option or settings button

#6. Navigate to the option Video Clip File Type and click it.

Video Clip File Type

#7. Select a file format you intend to save the gameplay.

Choose MP4 format in Record Gameplay Screen on PS5

#8. Go to the option Manual Recording Resolution and choose a resolution you wish to record the gameplay.

Choose resolution of game footage

#9. If you want to include Mic Audio or Party Audio, you can enable the option by tapping the toggle switch near the options – Include Your Mic’s Audio or Include Party Audio.

Include Mic Audio and Party Audio in the recorded video on PS5

Record Live GamePlay on PS5

#1. After customizing the settings, hit the Start New Recording icon to record your gameplay.

Highlight and press Start New Recording to record on PS5

Note: You can also take screenshots of your gameplay by selecting the Take Screenshot icon.

#2. To stop the recording, tap the Stop Recording button.

Use Stop Recording button to stop recording the gameplay on PS5

Note: You can also stream PS5 Gameplay on apps like Twitch and YouTube.

Record Previous Gameplay on PS5

#1. Launch the game as shown in the previous procedure.

#2. If you experience any special moment in gameplay that you wish to share with friends, hit the CREATE button.

Use CREATE button on controller to bring up floating menu in the bottom

#3. Tap the Save Recent Gameplay icon displayed at the bottom menu.

With controller highlight the button with with clock / timer icon

#4. You will see two options – Save Short Clip and Save Full Video.

  • Save Short ClipThis will bring up a vertical menu with the options: Last 15 Seconds, Last 30 Seconds, and Last 5 Minutes.
  • Save Full Video – By selecting this option, you can record the gameplay of the last 60 minutes.

#5. Tap your desired option to record the recent gameplay.

Choose from any of the three options in the vertical menu to record gameplay on PS5

How to View, Edit and Share Recorded GamePlay on PS5

#1. To view all the recorded videos and screenshots, navigate to the home screen and tap Media Gallery.

To retrieve gameplay footage on PS5 go to Media Gallery

#2. Here, you can find all the recorded videos and screenshots of your PS5 gameplay.

#3. To edit a video or screenshot, select the content and tap Edit.

  • If you are editing a screenshot, you can crop and can add text to the image.
  • If you are editing videos, you can trim the videos to your desired length. In addition, you can also create thumbnails by taking screenshots of the video.
Media Gallery on PS5 containing all gameplay footages recorded

#4. You can also share the recorded videos or screenshots with your friend on PSN or social media apps. To do it,

  • Select the content you want to share and click Share.
  • Then, choose a person or social media app to share the file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does PS5 record party chats?

Yes. But you need to manually enable this by toggling the Include Party Audio.

2. How to record gameplay on PS5?

You can easily record gameplay on PS5 by pressing the CREATE button on the controller during the gameplay and clicking the Start New Recording icon.

3. How to take a screenshot on PS5 during gameplay?

To take a screenshot during gameplay, Press the CREATE on the controller >> Tap the Take Screenshot icon to take a screenshot.

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