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BPM Solution is the Main Vector of Development




Today’s business has to be streamlined, transparent, and flexible, so many companies require transformation. The word “transformation” implies not gradual, but abrupt changes. Therefore, the digital transformation of a business means that it is necessary not just to change something but to completely revise both the principles on which the business is built and the way it is built. The process approach to corporate management and BPM systems are regarded as the most progressive tools in terms of the provided modern opportunities.


Such a product brings the ability to permanently amend company processes and upgrade the achievement of the business objective (increase in revenue, profit, company value, market share, quality of the provided services, customer experience, etc.). All above-mentioned superlatives can be reached due to

  • Identification and formalization of key workflow processes within a single description repository.
  • Setting key indicators of performed activities productivity, automated gathering, and evaluation of statistics on their execution.
  • Implementation of corrective changes to the business processes in a BPM solution and immediately taking them into operation.
  • Continuous repetition of these steps within the classical Deming cycle (Plan, Do, Study, and Act).

BPM also reduces the processes’ execution time due to their regulation and automation of individual steps. All performers will know exactly who does what and in what sequence. If a machine can do something, it will be done by a machine without or with minimal human involvement. The solution reduces the share of erroneous operations because all the procedures are guided by the system. Ensuring compliance with SLA requirements also should be noted. The rule of thumb is that some time limits can be defined for each task to meet special SLA indicators. The BPM system will automatically monitor them by demonstrating the issue alerts when deadlines are missed and/or propose to perform predefined corrective actions.

The specified solution significantly increases the transparency of operating activities. Let us say, all interested parties can see the current stage of orders execution, responsible persons, and other related information. Descriptions of performed processes become much better, which leads to the company’s flexibility. Days, weeks, or months are required to make adjustments to operations described on paper. Changes to business processes performed in a BPM system can be made in minutes.

Corporate information quality improvement is also essential. BPM solution ensures the integration of an accounting system, a CRM system, and an electronic document management system at the level of business processes. Moreover, it assures that the required information gets into the necessary systems in the demanded form and at the appropriate time.

Which companies are Suitable for BPM?

The solution is perfect for state-owned and private companies. It is important to improve the level of service and quality of work. The service must be performed thoroughly at the appropriate level. Excessive communication with the client’s manager is annoying especially when the ordering procedure is repeated monthly and you have to walk around the circles. It is easier for him/her to visit the website, order the required batch of goods on his/her own, transfer the details, and receive an automatically generated package of documents. The BPM system gives this opportunity. As a result, you get a more satisfied client without additional complications.

Within-named BPM solutions are relevant for the B2B sector with multi-factor pricing, where the unit price depends on

  • Batch size. The more the client buys, the lower the price per unit.
  • Payment terms.
  • Logistics. It helps find out whether the necessary cargo units have been formed and other information.
  • Delivery time.
  • Expiration date of the batch.

It is not easy to take all this into account while performing manual calculations. The BPM lays the groundwork for the process’s implementation according to a commercial proposal for a specific partner. You just need to enter the necessary data into the constructor and the documents will be formed taking into account all factors without the manager’s participation. It will be enough to adjust the value of the required parameter once some changes in the conditions appear. All the alterations will be automatically taken into account in the related workflow.

BPM implementation is necessary when the organization has clearly defined roles and functions and stable business processes that can already be managed. The mentioned system developed by Temabit Company will help you and your employees save time and increase customer loyalty.

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