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How to Reset Your Forgotten Pandora Password [Smartphone & PC]



How to Reset Pandora Password

Pandora is a music streaming service that comprises 50 million songs and 600,000 Podcasts episodes. You need to sign up for Pandora using the mail ID and password. Sometimes, users cannot remember the password of the Pandora account. If you have forgotten the password to your Pandora account, you can easily reset it on the login screen of Pandora. While resetting, make sure to create a strong and easy-to-remember password for your account.

Note: If you know the current password, change the Pandora password in the Account section of the app or website.

How to Reset Your Pandora Password on App [Android & iPhone]

#1. Launch the Pandora app on your Android Phone or iPhone.


#2. On the Sign In screen, locate and select the Forgot password? Link.

Click Forgot Password

#3. Now, enter the mail ID associated with your Pandora account.

#4. Hit the Reset Password button.

Tap Reset Password

#5. A Pandora password reset link will be sent to your mail.

#6. Open the email app and tap the mail sent by Pandora.

#7. Click the Password reset link and type the new password for your account.

Reset Pandora password

#8. Finally, tap the Reset Password button again to reset the password of your account.

Enter new password

How to Reset Password on Pandora Website

#1. Open a browser on your PC/Smartphone.

#2. Navigate to the address bar and type the URL:

#3. On this webpage, type the mail ID on the box and select Reset Password.

Enter the email

#4. You will receive a Pandora reset link in your mail.

#5. Navigate to the email and tap the Password Reset link.

#6. Enter a new Pandora password for your account. Then, hit the Reset Password button again to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset the Pandora password without email?

The only way to reset the password of your account is by using the email address associated with your account. If you don’t remember the email address, contact the Pandora support team and try to access your account again.

2. Why is the Pandora reset password link not working?

The password reset link can be accessed only for a certain time. After a certain duration of time, the link will expire.

3. Can I delete my Pandora account?

Yes. You can delete the Pandora account permanently in the Account settings of the app or website.

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