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Is it Okay to Monitor Kid’s Phone Messages? Find Out Here



Monitor Kid’s Phone Messages

Advanced tech and digitalization have certainly unlocked new avenues for our children to grow and develop. We live in an era where smartphones have become a need for everyone, including young kids and teenagers.

Research shows that most young people prefer messaging for one-on-one communication, with 91% actively texting daily. It’s nearly unimaginable to think of a teen who doesn’t use smartphones to watch videos, play games, and chat with their pals.

It can be challenging for parents to walk the line of trusting your kid and offering them privacy while still wanting to protect them. Read on to determine whether it’s okay to monitor a kid’s phone messages using parental control apps like TeenSafe.

Part 1: Should You Monitor Children’s Phone Text Messages?

Different parents have varied reasons why they want to read their children’s text messages. Kids may be undergoing difficult times in their life but don’t want to discuss it with you. Most teens don’t tell parents everything but may talk about it with friends.

If you notice changes in behavior, looks, and actions, you might have a possible cause to monitor their messages. We present TeenSafe parental monitoring software to help you keep tabs of your kid’s phone messages and protect them.

TeenSafe – The Ninja Way to Read your Child’s Phone Messages

What’s the TeenSafe app? It’s the leading phone monitoring software with the best parental control elements to track kid’s text messages. You will discover everything that your child does on their device, including their secrets and whom they text every time.


Once you register for a TeenSafe account and get it up and running, you’ll be able to read your child’s text messages remotely. The app has no limits when it comes to tracking the messages. Here is what the message tracker allows you to do:

  • Read social media messages
  • Remotely monitor your child’s texts and iMessages
  • Find deleted iMessages and texts
  • Check the attached media with SMS/MMS
  • View timestamps

Part 2: What Makes TeenSafe a Remarkable Tracking Solution

Quick Setup

Installing the TeenSafe app on your kid’s phone or tablet is very easy and only takes five minutes of your time. You just need to sign up and follow the setup instructions.

No Phone Alterations

Monitoring your kid’s messages doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the target phone if you’re using TeenSafe. This process is not only complicated, but it also makes the target phone less resilient to malicious hackers.

35+ Features

TeenSafe app does more than just surveilling the text messages of the other user. It incorporates a bunch of useful parental monitoring elements for any phone tracking need.

Stealth Mode Operation

Use TeenSafe to view all sent and received text messages and iMessages without your kid’s knowledge. This is because of its bleeding-edge inn0vation used to create the app. It works very stealthily in both iOS and Android variants.

In iOS, you don’t need to touch the children’s phone even once. With just their iCloud login ID, you can start analyzing their messages in a matter of minutes. Everything syncs remotely via the iCloud backup feature.

On the other hand, the TeenSafe Android version requires you to download and set up the application. The app only occupies a slight of 2MB memory space. Its logo is automatically hidden after installation. The battery will neither heat up nor drain out quickly.

Monitor Remotely

TeenSafe is fully web-based and has an easy-to-use interface. You can access your kid text messages anytime around the clock in the world using a browser of your choice.

Safe & Secure

You can trust TeenSafe because it’s free from viruses and malware. It also does not access or store your data on its servers.

Huge User Base

Did you know more than a million users across 190+ countries use TeenSafe? The majority of the users being parents, renew their TeenSafe subscription to enjoy the services due to its potential.

The app has appeared many times on renowned media outlets like iGeeksBlog, 9to5Mac, and Business Insider.

Part 3: How to Monitor Kid’s Phone Messages using TeenSafe

What You Need

You can track your son’s/daughter’s phone text messages from any phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is a valid email address and a reliable internet connection.

Steps to Start Monitoring a Child’s Text Messages with TeenSafe App

Step 1: Visit the TeenSafe website and create a new account with your email ID and pay for a subscription plan.


Step 2: On the control panel, input the kid’s name, age, and select their phone’s operating system.


Step 3: Follow the guidelines on your screen to configure TeenSafe automatically.

(a): For the iOS version, enter the child’s iCloud credentials and wait for it to sync.


(b): In Android, download and install the TeenSafe software using the prompted link. Turn on stealth mode operation to hide the app icon to stay undetected and wait for synchronization.


Step 4: After setup finishes, click on the “Start” button to view the phone summary and access your dashboard. You will see all its features available there.


Step 5: Hover your cursor to the left-side menu and click on the message feature to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages or iMessages.


Part 4: What Else Does TeenSafe Get in Store?

With TeenSafe, you get to enjoy over 35 fantastical features for all your parental control needs. Let’s check out what more you can do with the app apart from tracking messages:

Analyze Phone Calls

The call monitor feature is useful in giving parents peace of mind. It allows you to go through the kid’s call logs and know who they interact with away from home.

Monitor Location

With TeenSafe, you can locate your child’s phone anytime. It helps in tracing a lost device or keeping a tab with a stubborn teenager.

View or Block Visited Websites

Ensure you know what sites your children visit the most while surfing the web. You can even block websites with malicious content and keep them safe.

Check Installed Applications

When monitoring a kid’s phone with TeenSafe, you will see all applications downloaded on their device. Besides, you can block unwanted apps and deny them complete access.


As we conclude, you should have figured out whether it’s okay to monitor your son’s and daughter’s phone text messages. Apps like TeenSafe have various parental control features to track everything the kids do on their mobile devices.

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