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The Importance of Video Subtitles: 5 Reasons Why Subtitles Improve Videos



Importance of Video Subtitles

Since 2017, a study has revealed that 80% of viewers are from countries other than the United States and are avid fans of watching YouTube blogs and listening to music. This statistic simply showed that subtitles are important in any movie industry and social media channels.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, which are similar to video marketing and emphasize how crucial subtitles are for reaching a larger audience or potential clients for a business.

It is critical to add subtitles to video when creating and editing videos to achieve your brand goal and cater to global viewers. Submitting your videos can have a significant impact on their success. This applies to films, TV shows, social networking videos, course materials, and any other type of video you may record and share.

This article discusses the benefits of adding subtitles to videos. Learn the information in this article to understand the advantages of subtitles.

Reasons Why Subtitles Make Videos Better

Subtitling is converting spoken conversation into written text that appears on the screen. It is classified as audiovisual translation and has its own set of standards. If your video doesn’t have subtitles or you aren’t adding subtitles to your video, consider the reasons detailed below to get an idea of why subtitles are essential for any business.

They serve as a resource for foreign speakers

Transcribing your videos via putting down subtitles increases your potential to spread your video worldwide. Since the English language is universal, you can add English subtitles to any video. It’s the key if you aim to make the next leap internationally.

Only when the content is translated can the language barrier be overcome. Whether the subtitles are in Mandarin or English, they may add them if an international audience is your target market. The internet is primarily in Arabic in some regions of the world and Spanish. When creating your videos, consider your target audience’s language.

It can boost the SEO of a video

In reality, video quality is essential not only in terms of how your sound, graphics, setting, and scene of the movie inspire the viewers. But the informative video also attracts many people. Your creation should add value to ensure a high ranking in Google’s algorithm.

If you reach a large number of people and they watch the entire video until the end, you will improve your Google ranking. This can significantly impact the number of people who visit your website, watch your video, and interact with your product line.

Spectators are more involved

According to the study, 80% of people finish a video with subtitles. Videos with no subtitles received 66%. You cannot ignore the  80% figure.

Recently, a Korean movie series became the most-watched video on Netflix, with Asians, Americans, and other ethnicities enthralled. Why did it hit globally? Even though the movie series is in Korean, it has subtitles in different languages.

If there’s a possibility it’ll benefit videos to get much more views, it’s worth the effort and expense to caption them.

It improves comprehension of the video

Viewers preferred to watch videos with subtitles because they had a better understanding of the content. Suppose you are not linguistic or the video you watched is in your second language. In that case, you will struggle to understand if it is unsubtitled, especially if you watch movies where every character is a native speaker.

Even if the film has value, if unsubtitled, you want to pause, skip, and watch another video. Or find some content written in your native language.

It Increases Accessibility

Subtitling your content increases the accessibility of your multimedia content. It allows your viewers to enjoy the video to the fullest without missing out on supplemental sounds, even if they cannot access the audio component of a media file.

Subtitling Your Videos is Worth Spent

It is simple to add captions or subtitles to your video. Here are some explanations:

  • You only need time
  • Use an excellent video editing app
  • And practice.

The data above suggests that subtitling is better for your videos, which increases your fan base, improves engagement, reaches a larger audience, and improves your SEO ranking.

There is nothing to lose except the potential for a large audience. You have to know what your needs are so that you will find the exact video editing software which is suitable for your projects. It’s time to get started on subtitling!

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