Rumble Not Working on Firestick


Quick Guide

Rumble is a free online video-streaming app and one of the best alternatives to YouTube. It offers better monetization features and is a well-suited platform for content creators. You can install the Rumble app on your Firestick device from the Amazon App Store. With Rumble, you can stream videos from different categories, like finance, politics, education, entertainment and more, in high-resolution quality.

Apart from direct installation, you can access the Rumble website using the Silk Browser on your Fire TV. Alternatively, you can sideload the APK by installing the Downloader app. The article explains the possible ways to stream videos using Rumble on Fire TV Stick.

How to Get Rumble on Firestick

1. Switch ON and connect the Fire TV to a WiFi network.

2. Hit the Home button to navigate to the home screen.

3. Select the Find icon and click the Search bar.

click the Find icon

4. Using the on-screen keyboard, type and search for Rumble.

5. Choose the Rumble app from the search suggestions.

6. Select Get to download the app on your Firestick.

7. After downloading, click Open to launch the Rumble app.

How to Activate and Stream Rumble on Firestick

1. After opening the Rumble app on your Firestick, you can see the activation code.

2. Visit the Rumble activation page [https://rumble.com/pair] from a browser (mobile/desktop).

3. Sign in with your account credentials.

sign in with Rumble account

4. Enter the code and click Submit to activate.

5. The screen will be refreshed, and you can start watching the Rumble videos on your Firestick-connected TV or Fire TV.

How to Sideload Rumble APK on Firestick using Downloader

1. Install the Downloader application on your Firestick device.

Downloader on Firestick

2. After installing, enable Install Unknown Apps for Downloader by following the below steps.

Go to Settings My Fire TVDeveloper Options Install Unknown Apps → Select Downloader.

Enabling install unknown apps

3. Launch the Downloader app after installation and select the Home tab.

4. Enter the Rumble APK link [https://urlsrt.io/Rumble] in the URL field.

Entering Rumble APK url

5. Select Go to initiate the download.

6. Once the APK is downloaded, select Install on the pop-up menu.

7. Finally, open the Rumble app and sign in to your account to stream the videos on a big screen.

How to Watch Rumble on Firestick using Silk Browser

1. Open the Silk Browser on your Firestick.

2. Hit the Search bar and enter the URL of Rumble (www.rumble.com) using the virtual keyboard.

Enter the URL in the search field

3. Press OK on the remote to access the website.

4. Select Sign In and enter the required login credentials.

5. Once signed in, play and stream the Rumble videos on your Firestick-connected TVs

How to Fix Rumble Not Working on Firestick

If the Rumble application isn’t working fine and throws issues like app crashes or freezing, refer to the below troubleshooting fixes.

  • Check the Internet connection – The first step is to check the Internet connection. You can’t play Rumble videos if your Fire TV Stick doesn’t connect to the desired WiFi. So always connect your Firestick to a high-speed internet connection.
  • Restart the Rumble App – If you can’t play videos, try to restart the application.
  • Reboot Firestick – If the app performs slowly even after restart, you can try rebooting your Firestick.
  • Update Rumble App – If the Rumble app crashes frequently, it might be outdated. Try updating the app on Fire TV.
  • Update Firestick – Update your Firestick device to the latest firmware if your device version isn’t compatible with the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Rumble available on Firestick/Fire TV?

Yes. The Rumble app is available on Firestick/Fire TV.

2. Is Rumble free on Fire TV Stick?

Yes. The Rumble app is free to install and use.