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Apple TV Verification Failed Issue: Possible Causes & Fixes



Apple TV Verification Failed

Have you ever been interrupted by an error that says verification failed while trying to stream movies or install an app on your Apple TV? Have no idea how to fix the issue? Blow up your uncertainty! Here is a quick fix you can try to resolve the Apple TV ID Verification Failed error.

What is Apple TV Verification Failed Error

Apple TV Verification Failed is the most common issue while you try to log in to the Apple TV. The Apple TV Apple ID verification failed pop-up appears due to issues on the user side or service side. In most cases, the issue arises when the Apple service finds trouble establishing a secure connection to your device. The issue pops up with the message “Verification Failed There was a problem connecting to the server.”

Apple TV Verification failed

Possible Causes for Apple TV Verification Failed

Possible causes for the trouble signing into Apple ID include,

  • Your internet connection is poor or unstable.
  • The timestamp in your device goes wrong.
  • Your app is out of date.
  • Problem with the System status of Apple service.
  • Your Apple ID needs regulation.
  • Temporary malfunction of your device.
  • Modifications in System or Network Settings.

How to Fix Apple TV Verification Failure

For any of the causes of the verification failed issue, you shall try out the fixes below.

  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Verify Your Date and Time Settings
  • Update the Firmware
  • Sign out and Sign in to iTunes
  • Check the system status
  • Reset Your Apple ID Password
  • Restore Settings & Remove Recent Channels
  • Power Cycle Apple TV
  • Reset Your Device

Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet signal is poor and fluctuating, Apple services will not work as expected and might cause the failure of the Verification process. To fix this issue, check whether you are connected to a stable internet connection. Further, you should check the speed and stability of the signal through various online internet speed testing tools.

If you find your internet signal weak, try changing your connection from cellular to WIFI or ethernet cable for a reliable internet connection. If your internet is working fine and you still spot the error, try the fixes suggested below.

Verify Your Date and Time Settings

Your device will throw you Apple TV Verification failed message when your Date and Time Settings are wrong. For instance, if your TV has the wrong time zone settings, it creates trouble while the Apple server validates your account. So, an accurate timestamp is essential for the transmission of secure data.

1). To resolve the issue, go to the Settings menu and General on your TV.

2). Check whether the current region, time, and time zone settings are accurate.

3). If the Time and Date Settings are wrong, select the Set Automatically option.

Time & Date Settings

Update the Firmware

When your Apple TV isn’t updated in a while, it may lead to Apple TV Verification Failure. First, check whether your Apple TV has any pending updates. If so, you can update the Apple TV firmware with the latest version. If your device is already running on an updated version, you shall try out the other fixes below.

Sign Out and Sign In to iTunes

In most cases, signing out of the device and signing in back helps you to resolve various issues. It flushes out the memory spaces and removes underlying technical glitches and bugs accumulated in the caches. To resolve the verification failure issue, sign out of iTunes and all the other apps which use the Apple ID by the below steps.

1). On your iPhone, go to the Settings app and open iTunes & App Store. If you are using Mac, choose iCloud.

2). Now, tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

3). Then, click on Sign Out to sign out from the device

4). Again, Sign in to your account with the necessary details, and try streaming the app again.

Apple TV Verification failed

Check the System Status

In rare scenarios, the issue may be due to a problem on the Apple service side but not on your end. To know the availability of the service, check the System Page of Apple. The page displays the list of services and a green dot next to the service that denotes the availability of the service.

Reset Your Apple ID Password

It is a good idea to reset your Apple ID password if you haven’t changed it for a while. By resetting your Apple ID password, you can maintain par with Apple recommendations and recent regulations. Additionally, enable the two-factor authentication to avoid failures in the verification process. The two-factor authentication also provides an extra layer of security to your device. You can also enable 2FA on iOS devices like iPhone, Mac, and web.

1). To reset your Apple ID Password, go to Settings on your iPhone.

2). Select your Account name, which appears at the top of the screen, and select the Password & Security option.

3). On the Password & Security page, select the Change Password option and enter your old passcode.

4). Now, your iPhone will prompt you to type the new Apple passcode which you want to reset according to the guidelines provided by Apple service.

5). Re-enter your new passcode once again for confirmation.

Apple TV Verification Failed

7). Select the Change option to set the entered passcode as your new Apple ID password.

8). Finally, you must sign out of your device and sign in with your new passcode to start streaming the service.

Restore Settings & Remove Recent Channels

Sometimes, the verification failed issues may arise after adding new channels or changing the settings in the list. If this is the case, try to remove the recently added channels and restore your TV to the previous settings to resolve the issue.

Power Recycle Your Device

Restarting your Apple TV is a simple technique to eliminate many issues. To restart your devices, turn off your streaming devices and router. Then, unplug them from the power sources. Leave it unplugged for about 2 minutes. Then, plug back in the router or modem and turn on the device. After the router or modem completely turns on, plug in your streaming device and restart your device to try streaming the Apple TV again.

Reset Your Device & Network Settings

Resetting Apple TV and Network Settings is another simple trick to resolve verification failure errors. You can reset an iOS device by pressing and releasing the volume up bottom, and volume down buttons, followed by pressing and holding the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If resetting your device shows no improvement, then go for resetting your Network Settings.

1). To reset the Network Settings, go to Settings on your iPhone.

2). Under the Settings menu, select General.

3). Tap on Reset, followed by Reset Network Settings.

4). Enter your password and once again tap on Reset Network to confirm your action.

5). Note that, after resetting your Network Settings, you have to sign into your Wifi Network again.

If you have exhausted trying all the fixes mentioned and still get the issue, it is time to get help from the experts. You can contact the Apple support center for further guidance to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my device for Apple TV?

To verify your device for Apple TV, sign in with your Apple ID and password on your device. Sign-in notifications will appear on your device. Then, select Allow to receive your verification code. Type your verification code on your device to verify your device.

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