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How to Update Your Apple TV [2 Easy Ways]



update apple tv

You can unlock the latest features of Apple TV by updating the tvOS firmware. Find your Apple TV version and the availability of updates to make the process easier. You can either update the Apple TV manually or automatically. The new models, like Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, have an automatic update feature. You can turn ON/OFF this feature according to your preference. If you have older models of AppleTV, you need to update the device manually. After updating the device, update the apps on Apple TV to stream the content without any issues.

How to Manually Update Your Apple TV

1. Turn ON and connect your Apple TV to a stable WiFi connection.

2. Open Settings and click the System option.

Click System

3. Tap Software Updates and select Update Software.

Select Update Software

4. Hit the Download and Install option to initiate the process.

Hit the Download and Install option to update Apple TV

Your tvOS screen shows the message “Your AppleTV is up to date” if no update is available.

After updating, make sure to restart the Apple TV before using it.

How to Automatically Update Your Apple TV to Latest Version

1. From the Apple TV home screen, navigate to Settings.

Navigate Settings

2. Tap System.

Tap System

3. Select Software Updates and enable the Automatically Update option.

Turn ON Automatically Update option to update Apple TV

4. Hereafter, your TV firmware will automatically update to its latest version.

How to Update Apps on Your Apple TV

1. Open App Store on your Apple TV.

2. Tap the Search bar and enter the app name you want to update.

3. Select the app and hit Update.

The Update option will not show if the app is up to date.

Follow the below steps to update the apps on your tvOS automatically.

On your tvOS, navigate to Settings → select Apps → turn ON the Automatically Update Apps option.

How to Fix Apple TV Not Updating

In unfortunate cases, your Apple TV displays a black screen and becomes unresponsive while carrying out the software update. To resolve it, refer to the below fixes.

  • Check if your Apple TV has an active Internet connection.
  • When the update progress bar is paused, wait for some time to allow the update to complete. Never unplug the Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to update AppleTV automatically?

On your TV firmware, go to SettingsSystemSoftware Updates → turn ON the Automatically Update option.

2. Why am I unable to update my AppleTV 4K?

It may be due to network connectivity issues. Connect your Apple TV 4K to a stable Internet connection, and try updating the device again.

3. How long does an Apple TV update take?

Based on the size of the update, it might take over an hour to complete the update process.

4. How do I check for updates on Apple TV?

Go to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software. Here you can see if there is an update or not.

5. What is the latest tvOS version of Apple TV?

The tvOS 16.5 is the latest version of Apple TV.

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