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All You Need To Know About VOD App Development



VOD App Development

New technologies have allowed for a real revolution in terms of television consumption.  And this is due to the changing habits of viewers and the desire of audiovisual production companies to “capture” an ever wider audience. The result of this cocktail was the unstoppable development of VOD. Let’s have a complete glance at what is VOD and VOD app development.

VOD App Development

What is VOD?

VOD allows you to select the content you want to see from a wide catalog. The audiovisual product and the moment at which you want to enjoy it are selected. All you need is a TV or electronic device and an Internet connection. The best and most famous examples of VOD are without a doubt Netflix and Prime Video.

If you want to create a similar platform, then this will not be a problem, because you can always turn to VOD video-on-demand app development and get a high-quality implementation of the project.

But the rise of VOD has meant not only a radical change in the way the entertainment industry offers its products but also an increase in their number. As such, today most of the series that reach audiences of all ages have been produced by the video-on-demand platform.

How Does VOD Work?

The vast majority of platforms that offer video-on-demand services are paid, or you have to pay to view certain content. There are free platforms, it is true, but the menu variety is usually much more limited. This is the first question to consider when choosing a VOD service:

SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand: This is a subscription-based streaming platform subscription model with unlimited access to content. This applies to Netflix and its alternatives like Disney+, HBO, and more.

TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand): In this case, the platform does not charge an account opening fee, but pays to view the content. For example, iTunes.

PVOD (Premium Video on Demand): Refers to the consumption of premium content, i.e. new releases and breaking news. It’s more cinema-oriented. This is the case of the world premiere of Cinderella, which is exclusively done by Amazon Prime Video.

AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand): Offers free audiovisual content thanks to its ad-funded nature. Spotify is an example.

Once a user has signed up on any of the platforms, they are free to choose from a wide range of options. In addition to choosing what you want to see, video on demand allows you to pause a program, switch back or forward, revisit chapters, and more.

Currently, VOD platforms allow you to watch all kinds of programs. By far, the greatest demand is for TV series and films (in some cases, they can be seen even before they are released on a “commercial” level). But you can also enjoy documentaries, sports events, all kinds of entertainment programs and, of course, cartoons.

What Platforms Are Using VOD

Video-on-demand has spread rapidly around the world. Therefore, you can choose any of the internationally operating platforms to enjoy the service: Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Spain, Apple TV +, Disney +, Fanatiz, Discovery +, etc.

This is a very popular trend and will continue to develop. Therefore, it’s time to create your own unique VOD platform.

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