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How to Reset Opera Browser on Windows PC or Mac



How to Reset Opera Browser

Most people use Opera as the default browser on their PC or Smartphone. When you use the browser for a long time for multiple activities, the browser exhibits several issues like freezing, force closing, etc. To solve this problem, you need to reset the Opera browser to default settings. Resetting is one of the effective methods to overcome the Opera browser not working issue. There are three different ways to reset the Opera browser on your PC. Before resetting, make sure to export and save all the required passwords, history, saved websites, etc.

How to Reset Opera Browser on Windows PC or Mac

[1] Launch the Opera browser on your PC.

[2] Hit the Settings icon present in the sidebar.

[3] On the Settings window, select the Advanced option.

open settings

[4] Scroll down and navigate to the Reset Settings section.

[5] Tap the Restore settings to their original defaults option.

Restore settings to their original defaults

[6] On the pop-up menu, choose the Reset option to reset the browser on your Windows PC or Mac.

Reset Opera Browser

Note: If reset doesn’t help to fix the issue, uninstall the Opera browser and reinstall it on your PC.

Alternate Method to Reset Opera Browser [Commands]

[1] Open the Opera browser on your PC.

[2] In the address bar, type the below command and press Enter key on your keyboard.


[3] A reset browser settings pop-up window will appear on your screen. Choose the option Reset to reset the Profile Settings on your Opera browser.

Reset Opera Browser

How to Reset Opera Browser on Your Windows PC

[1] Open the Windows File Explorer window by pressing the Windows key + E.

[2] In the search bar, copy and paste the command below.

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

Note: Replace the UserName in the address bar with your Windows username.

[3] Double-click on the Profile folder and delete all the files inside the profile folder.

Choose Profile

[4] In the File Explorer address bar, copy and paste the below text.

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable

[5] Delete the Cache folder from the location.

 Delete the Cache folder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I reset the Opera browser?

This issue is caused due to temporary malfunctions. If the browser is not reset, restart the browser and check it. If the issue persists, restart your PC and check again.

2. How to update Opera Browser?

You can update the Opera browser in the Update & Recovery section.

3. Can I enable Javascript on Opera?

Yes. You can enable Javascript on Opera.

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