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Gcore Hosting Review: How Good Is Gcore Hosting Services




Every type of venture or enterprise starts its digital existence with a properly developed website. It is coded in a specific development environment and language to ensure that everything operates according to the requirements. After the development stage, the website is uploaded into a specific place in the world web network (simply put, deployed), letting the user interact with it. The ‘placement’ of the website defines the efficiency of its future performance and is called web hosting.

The selection of a web host is rather a challenge, as there are multitudes of them, yet the functions and services they offer may differ. We will analyze the significant indicators that prove the efficiency of the web host work, based on the work principles of Gcore hosting – a world-recognized web host and a record holder among the hosting services.

What is Gcore hosting?

Gcore is a leading provider of IT solutions that manage CDN, cloud services, and web hosting. Gcore is a proven service based on cutting-edge technologies and advanced security options.

Gcore possesses plenty of services to create a secure and efficient environment for every client to perform within – hosting CDN, DNS, security, cloud, and streaming platforms.

The most essential aspects of web hosting

1. Reliability, Security, and Uptime Score

These are three pillars of web hosting that create an efficient environment for everyone working within:

  • Gcore provides a 24/7 availability of websites, which is something the e-commerce project benefits from;
  • Gcore solutions meet the top security requirements, which include SSL certificates, DDoS protection, automatic backup, a strong firewall, and regular security updates;
  • Uptime score – the measure which shows the time the service is on and available. The score can’t be lower than 99.5%. Gcore hits 99.9%

Reliability, security, and uptime score were also proven back in 2013 when Gcore set a new Guinness World Record for the most players online simultaneously on one MOG server. Their capacities allow more than a million players to perform at the same time.

2. Customer Service

The quality of customer service is always a sign of respect for the clients. It is recommended to work with companies that offer 24/7 technical support with in-house specialists, as they possess a decent level of knowledge regarding all the issues.

Gcore is always at your disposal, as they are aware of the consequences of minor issues and, thus, prevent the worst-case scenario.

3. Pricing Policies

It is important to consider all the update options and their affordability, as the businesses are expected to grow over time, which will require more extension.

The majority of small businesses start with a “Starter package,” which offers basic features required for introducing the website to the world. However, every business aims for growth, and Gcore offers more advanced subscriptions, providing seamless and unnoticeable improvement of your positioning.

4. Adding domains

A single website can grow into multiple websites, domains, and sub-domains. Therefore, it is essential to understand if the web host allows running multiple resources from one account, which is one of the options offered by Gcore.

How can Gcore hosting service benefit businesses?

Global presence

Gcore offers worldwide coverage, as they have data centers located in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Europe, which ensures the best quality of speed and performance.


Gcore is a successful combination of a moderate pricing policy and a top-notch performance, which has never been compromised.

Excellence of performance

Gcore possesses cutting-edge hardware and tools, which guarantee around 200 Mbps speed without traffic restrictions.

The convenience of the Gcore usage is also ensured by the ISPManager6 panel, with its numerous features like web servers, mail servers, CMS, domains, file manager, backups, security, databases, and DNS. The platform also allows control of the dashboard, scripts, IP addresses, and clusters. On top of that, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly layout, which contributes to the overall platform’s convenience.

 Is Gcore worth the cooperation?

Gcore isn’t only worth the cooperation; this company will give you a ticket to a successful performance in the digital world. Gcore and its professionals provide a highly functional working environment for every client, regardless of the pricing package. While offering affordable starting packages, they never compromise the quality of their service. Gcore ensures that its hosting world works non-stop, continuously optimizing its hardware and tools.

Gcore offers a comprehensible environment for all users, despite their set of skills and knowledge.

Gcore is a choice of various industries and forms of web resources. Don’t hesitate to contact their team to guide you into their hosting world.

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