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How an E-Commerce Project Survives a Site Relocation Without Loss



E-Commerce Site Relocation

Creating your own Internet site always involves how the site should operate and what platform to create this site to choose. There are many options for different purposes and needs, including online sales. However, if the seller already has a working Internet platform, but wants to change the platform on which the site works. For example, there is a desire to transfer data from prestashop to shopify.

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PrestaShop and Shopify are ready-made solutions, i.e. you can create a website without the help of developers. Shopify is a paid system (about $29), while PrestaShop is a free solution. Both platforms are good for those who want to get started quickly but don’t want to bother with the website development and design. If you have an e-commerce project, then there are limitations, i.e.some features will be difficult to further develop.

Why is it Needed to Transfer data?

This site is dedicated to creating e-commerce. The entire functionality of the Internet platform is available immediately after installation. Today there are many additional modules, but all the functions for the start are included in the CMS itself.

If we talk about the benefits, then a lot of the platform can be easily adapted to your requirements. There is a feature for the affiliate program, widgets for social networks, mailing configuration, synchronization of commodity export with promotion channels, as well as analysis and reporting.

However, PrestaShop has disadvantages:

  • need resource-intensive hosting;
  • adaptation of work on PrestaShop and its use requires certain knowledge and effort;
  • software is not suitable for large projects;
  • modules and themes are rarely updated.

There may be an idea to start working on a large and well-known e-commerce platform, Shopify.

Is Shopify the Right Choice?

Of course, this option is not free. However, Shopify is in great demand among users, because the service is convenient to use. Shopify offers dozens of convenient ways to pay for products. At the same time, the platform can support the payment service in digital currencies.

The platform also offers great opportunities in the direction of digital marketing, which will be able to advertise the brand and attract new customers.

Data Management

Automatic migration is the best option for any e-commerce business. It is in this case that we can talk about the preservation of the main components of the ecosystem. Along with this, you can save the necessary payment systems and many other necessary data.

With a manual transfer, there is always the possibility of losing any data due to ignorance or a common mistake. Sometimes such an error can lead to the lack of data on the new platform, for example, about gift certificates, bonuses, or contact details of certain customers.

That is why experts recommend using special automatic programs that solve the problem of transferring online store data from one platform to another. In this case, the probability of an error that can affect the further development of the business is minimal.

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